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  • Streamstore Terms and conditions


    1. Porsche Cayman - We claim the right to change the model of this Porsche IF unforseen circumstances force us to. The car will be a used one and is not the one on the picture ( although, we will do our best to find a similar one ). The lucky person who claims it has to pick it up in Sweden!

    2. Las Vegas trip for 2 - We claim the right to change details in this trip, at our discretion, if unforseen circumstances force us to

    3. Gaming computer - We have no specific details about this item, but it will be a great computer for sure!

    4. Items raffles - The raffle will be held on a Friday preferably, when all the tickets are sold out. When you buy one or more tickets you are in the NEXT raffle - no specific date set beforehand.  - the more tickets you buy, the bigger chance you have to win.

    Note that you can get cash instead of the item, since that is more convenient most of the time.  


    5. The €200 bonus buy raffles - Each raffle will have 5 winners to be drawn at random. Each winner will get a €200 bonus buy on the specific slot. The winner will keep everything over €200 from the win ( the cost of the bonus ) and with a cap of 500x the betsize ( €1000 max win on each bonus buy ). HOWEVER - if you get a MAXWIN on the bonus buy you will keep €2000 ( up to 1000x the betsize ) The money will be paid with ewallet ( Paypal, Skrill, Neteller etc. ) When you buy one or more tickets you are in the NEXT raffle - no specific date set beforehand. The raffles each have 300 or 350 tickets - the more tickets you buy, the bigger chance you have to win. You can only win once in each raffle, even if you have several tickets.  You don't have to be present when the raffle is drawn or when the bonuses are bought and played on stream

    The raffles will be drawn at random, live on stream and we will use Random.org. IF all tickets are not sold the sale of tickets will continue and the raffle for winner/winners will be postponed until all tickets are sold! For example, if we only sold 250 of 350 tickets we will postpone the draw of the raffle until the next Friday OR the first Friday after all tickets are sold!



    Since many of the viewers redeeming Raffle tickets don't give the correct Skrill email, it is important that you contact us ( Qajjan preferably, on Discord, Twitch or here on the Aboutslots forum ) when you have won a prize in a raffle. 

    In the case that we find evidence, or even a serious suspicion of fraudulent behavior, cheating with points etc. We reserve the full right to disqualify participants and/or void the purshase into raffles or over all people who buy items in our store with Daddy points.  

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