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  2. snsktt

    My biggest win!

    sick hit there 🤩🤑
  3. Yesterday
  4. Masse 1420x twitch finch1D
  5. ogge 728x twitch- hardog007
  6. Cristian Stefanita Trofin

    PRINTER OF THE MONTH - Guessing Competition December 2020

    masse 2866x twitch: cristiroman1
  7. Cristian Stefanita Trofin

    Battle of the streamers 4.0 - Katmandu Gold

    masse 1990x cristiroman1
  8. Jesus with 3740x twitch: nor_martin
  9. Jesus - 724x mihael311
  10. Ebro with 1489x I'm StrangeWoof on Twitch
  11. Ebro with 2450x. DONT YOU DARE TO LET ME DOWN BRO Twitch: EXULiLBooty
  12. very hard game, gambled the first bonus wich i lost, after so many spins i finally got a bonus basegame and managed to get to the silver wheel but the bonus unfortunatly did not pay good, just a 40x on 0,50 euro bet silver wheel, twitch: Timschaeffer09
  13. What a tease! 4th spin Bonus, Gold wheel, upgraded gold wheel,and lending in between the 100x's Twitch HopHop321
  14. Ante 3345x Twitch : Briandk1985
  15. Jesus with 921x Twitch acdc21
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