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  2. Ante with 1876x Twitch: itzcentax
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  4. oSammy21

    Forum POTM?

    I just thought this would be a nice little thing to add. Gets the community going and more traffic to the site. Could also have a !forumPOTM command on Twitch. Small little rules like; Has to be on a casino you guys are affiliated with and they have to supply either a replay link or solid proof of the date they got it I thought it was a good idea but then that downside that I'm only thinking about now has chucked me off where people will try to reupload their old wins and fake the date. Could try get a deal with NoLimitCity as I think they'd be more than happy to supply a 100 euro prize each month as a little sponsor for the forum community. I don't know just thought I'd chuck the idea out in the air.
  5. Masse 2133x Twitch: Happekost
  6. TobyThePotm

    1kx on lord merlin

    I just called it and get it
  7. Jesus 5117x twitch: morcapadonna
  8. Gogge - 5000x twitch: KiKoOo_Oo
  9. kallobaba

    Misclick 50kr bet bonus

    "accidentally" Kappa nice one
  10. Ante 4201x Twitch: GinStriker
  11. Masse 3214x Justbeerit twitch
  12. Guess: 17850 Twitch/Youtube: BreaKerNZ
  13. jadesimonealice

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 24/2

    Guess: 19678 Twitch/Youtube: Jadesimonealice
  14. Guess: 20711 Twitch/Youtube: hidetoshinakataa78
  15. killerpetee

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 24/2

    Guess: 18524 Twitch/Youtube: Killerpetee
  16. Adie Mutlow

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 24/2

    Guess: 24795 Twitch/Youtube: SFGamerUK
  17. Guess: 22000 Twitch/Youtube: Craig_G_UK
  18. Guess: 19545 Twitch/Youtube: Erickempe
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