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  3. Hit the best symbol fullline on vampires and a nice win on jammin
  4. gringos012

    500x on playboy with 5 scatters

    500x on playboy with 5 scatters my first ever so big win
  5. FeelsMixedFeelingsMan
  6. Casinodaddy

    New minecraft update looks sick

  7. Last week
  8. Mustaa_kultaa

    2618 x on Extra chilli

    Wow, got the purple chillis from side to side. Got straight HOT + 3 x +4 spins. First this big win for me.
  9. vingmutter99

    1530x on book of gods!

    Got a fullscreen with the red god for a 1458x hit!!! Total x on bonus was 1530.
  10. Primal huge basegame hit! (record?)
  11. Inserted 200kr with 100% at Guts. Tried to build up some money to raise the bets. Turns out I didn't need to. Made a withdrawl right away :)
  12. magicdolphin00

    Extra Chilli 28 spins max bet

    Down to the last few spins and took a gamble on the feature
  13. elixxer

    HUGE win White Rabbit 4570x

    Shame it was on a €10 bonus but hey, its still good money!
  14. Even Mathias

    Legend of the Pharaohs 5,3k euro win

    5 scatter bonus from BB
  15. Wormweed

    I give up xD

    Sorry to hear it's going so bad JK. You are right, might as well stop when the fun stops.
  16. Kongdasavage

    I give up xD

    I have been playing now for 1.5 years and the past 4 months have just been the worse mate, I play slots to have a good time, but also to win. The past 4 months I haven’t been able to even cash out 500 euro, just been going down and down. Everytime I deposit, I deposit minimum 200 euro and I have done over 150+ deposits in 10 different sites the past 4 months. This just sums it up, I actually am DONE, it’s not that I can’t afford it, I just don’t see the point of playing anymore, the “fun” is ovaaa. So from today I’m done scamazbirrrrrrr
  17. siildnes

    Basegame Donuts pays!

  18. ricxko

    Millionaire BIG WIN

    Thanks It's wasn't too long
  19. OvE

    Twitch store

    found some info for u bro: for store issues email = streamstore@aboutslots.com
  20. eazymode142

    Big win Chilli

    That's a nice one right there! Gratz
  21. weed121


    Thanks mate!
  22. G__o__l__d__

    Masse Je Baited

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