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    Heres another one of my 5000x wins, this happened twice for me in the same game, but the other win happened on my Macbook !
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    I was playing Danger on max bet yesterday. was down like 4 Bullets 1k€ each. Got a decent basegame hit with 3,7k€. Balance was up on 4,3k so little profit atleast. Left the money on my accunt over night. I wanted to cashout..yeah wanted... There was some good profit for me lately, so i did, what i always wanted to do -> 100€ spins Choose Pink Elephant for this degen shit. Grinded for some minutes, balance was stable. These minutes feel like hours with 100€ bets Got a 78x (7,8k) basegame hit. i wanted to cashout on 10k. But this games teased me like hell, so i kept grinding. Got the random feature, only one peanut appears at first, but then on that normal spin after 4 further peanuts hitted in. So 15 Freespins on 100€ bet. Was ok, could have been way better. Cashout 17,5k.
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    Hey Casino Family, This month we are doing something extra with a 5000€ raw cash giveaway. Winners will be paid by neteller/skrill and its free to enter! Join up by following the easy steps on: https://www.aboutslots.com/giveaway Much Love Casinodaddy
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    This is 780x fullscreen doge, and after that i got another 4 line with doge so in total it payed 930 euro My biggest win ever!
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    My first Share-Picture for you guys!
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    Had a bad run on roulette, decided to go danger high voltage with some tiltbet for the last money, and then this one hit. Needless to say that it brought me back in tha game
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    Got the bonus on a 20kr spin - retrigger and then on spin 8 this happened 20.000kr win!
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    This is my first ever 1000x+ win and I cashd out 15k kr
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    Some of my big wins. Still waiting on a win over 1000x tho.
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    This was a Crazy Session @Zyvera 150 € deposit 1.6 K cashout
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    Great topic mate! Always know that people only show their wins not always their losses! <3 Take care
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    My first Big win of that kind ever!!! 1426x!!!!!! Im sooooooo Happy!!!! https://gyazo.com/25b277dc5f737e25f5fdf2d0f1a0a155