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    I'm glad you enjoyed The Safari-vid. Not much time for memes this week, but at least I figured out why ante was blue. Big GZ on 50k subs! blu.mp4
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    Memes be dreams 2. Enjoy.
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    🍒 Hello Casinofam! 🍒 It's finally time to celebrate 50.000 subscriptions on our YouTube channel with some live degen action with CasinoDaddy! Start: Friday 25-10 around 12:00/13:00 GMT +1 End: Whenever we feel like it! What you can expect Full blooded degen action Bonus hunts + openings Bonus buys and bonus buy competitions Highrolling Live Casino Giveaways Raw money giveaways Chair giveaway, merchandise giveaways White Rabbit bonus buy giveaways where the winners takes 50% of the profits! (Example; 100€ buy, CasinoDaddy wins 200€, you get 50€) Meme competition with DOUBLE the prize money - 500€ Lots of JACKPOT win hunting MUCH MUCH MORE We hope to see you all!
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    Started with a 200euro deposit on Friday, played 4 days with this balance doing 20 cent spins only, and then the unthinkable happens!! Best night of my life !
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    When your half deaf grandma asks you what you want on your cake Strawberry 2.mp4
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    Sorry for my terrible photoshop skills Kappa
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    Thank good, the weekend isnt over yet
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    CasinoDaddy anime opening - based on the Evangelion opening meme. There are a lot of CasinoDaddy references , hope you spot them. My Video.mp4 Some pictures are low quality , sorry about that. Enjoy!
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    Got my first wild line in any Dead or Alive games, Sadly I lowered the bet from 18->9 sek at start because my balante was going down like titanic before going into DoA2, second spin gave this bonus!
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    BOD - 76151.mp4
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    meme new_trial_0.mp4
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    Almost fullscreen Sevens after upgrade
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    The Voice 2019 WINNER is... InShot_20191030_123757957.mp4
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    Not a single premium hit, but still super dank
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    Ogge finds out he is not the POTM anymore
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    Sorry for the lack of skills in video editing, but I do believe the message will get through eitherway! All done with a lot of love of course. // MrJ_3 meme comp.mp4
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    When masse gets to play table games😄
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    What could that bright light possibly be? KEKW final_5db36f26eeb67a0014f87d2d_599080.mp4
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