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    So yeah, recently i saw a short article about some fuckup rosh did on stream. Now I know casinodaddy and many others are legit, but this guy? I've been watching him for a long time and there has Always been something fishy, the links to the videos are here https://youtu.be/zh-DKmR970I In this vid you can see he clicks 'practice' to show the mode which somehow shows his current balance. He then quickly logs out 'accidentally' and tries to show it offline but it wont work. also seems very nervous and stalling for time to see how the f to get out of the situation. ive also checked other thread about this, and it seems that since this normally doesnt happen and he was surprised to show his balance there that he has some kind of demo account. it displays real money, but it is absolutely worthless. https://youtu.be/jwRhSUKgJOA In this vid he desperately tries to save/explain it or something but it seems like hes completely out of it. Also the viewbotting i'm not sure about, but the guy has a pretty good article about it can see it here other facts to consider ive noticed overtime: * Super anonymous online, cant be found anywere and doesnt share much about his business * doesnt often show his desktop or even the casino lobby or whatever, and only plays on a few casinos, not very big ones either * gets insane bonuses that casino shouldnt be able to afford?? Have heard other streamers lost bonuses when they do like 20-30k cashouts on big sites, and he sits there cashing out 100k a week without maxbet or max cashout with a 500% bonus * reactions seem not very genuine or over the top so yeah I mean i get hes an entertainer and all, but why just not be open about it if you play with demo credits and stuff? why claim its all real and genuine just to get more sign ups to your brands? it doesnt seem fair towards the rest of the gambling community that is playing with raw cash and without viewbots ofc lemme know what you think here
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    So, i was up on 6k SEK, decided to play 100SEK/spin on Moon P down to 5K, and then do a cashout. (deposited 500sek, THIS PARTICULAR DAY, at least..... 🙈 🤓 👾) And this happened! (usually plays 20SEK/spin maximum) Hello Ante, i love you! KappaPride
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    Had to scramble to record this on my phone when I got both the gatling gun and persistant collector, knew it was going to be good then money train rotated.mp4
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    4,5kr bet made 50.000dkk
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    On a 10€ raw deposit ❤️
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    Tired after work, I decided to just put in 80 euro to try the 300 games, and it looks like I got a good win!
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    Increased my bet to 80 NOK (8 Euro) for a few spins and had a big hit in The Dog House bonus, Usually I need 15+ spins to get a good win, but this time I had 12, some well placed wilds, two rottweiler hits and a full line hit with the second best dog.
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    WOW, wow... finally some proof that this guy is a faker. oh btw welcome to the forum, hope u will enjoy ur time here.
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    first win post, not a super big win but still a nice hit!
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    Holy macaroni! I was stil in shock after it so I forgot to take a screenshot of the bet. But was 2kr bet and I had 3 jars cruisin together for a good while! Biggest X win of 2 years😋
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    got 4 freepins on videoslots and had this win. 😁
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    I played with my last Money at 0,75€ stake at Triple Dragons and NOTHING happend. Then i switch with the last 0,14€ to 0,10€ stake and got this win 😭 And "unfortunately" my biggest win until now
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    Hey masse. Check this out
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    Lots and lots of spins.