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    So, after endless attempts to find it, here he is!
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    Sometimes you have to be lucky! Best of luck to all of you! Peace
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    Finally I got my wild line 😎 just on time for my holidays 🥳
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    Hi I am Ohnegesicht yesterday i Hit on Peking Luck 3100x on 1 Euro 38 Freespins 8x Multiplayer First Spin retrigger 48 spins ...1 Hit pays 2,8k. Gl and lts f...go men
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    Old man delivers this time with a nice line hit
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    Just got five scatters on doa2, the bonus game did not pay as much just like 3x
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    Crazy luck with the free spins on dragons fire on playojo today 2kr bet to 11 195kr
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    I thougt i try out Old saloon for the first time ever. i wonder what the win would have been if i choose the normal high noon saloon, hehe,
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    Decided to up my limits for 20 spins to 50kr bets, and ended up hitting my biggest ever x win!
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    En av mina största casino vinster Pengarna är spenderade väl i Thailand ;) Peace
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    4 reel best symbol in bonus PogChamp
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    Living la dolce vita in Greece ❤️
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    What a nice Slot! Was Hunting the Wild Line! 4th Bonus was already this win! 50 euro in 3000 Euro Witdrawl! Finally some Luck!
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    Finally got a big win in the DoA2 bonus
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    Someone in chat said that Ogge looks like the Finnish prankster/goofball Jarno Laasala. Well, I can see his point, they share some similarities. What do you guys think? Is Jarno the long lost twin of Ogge?