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    Good,Bad and Funny Moments of CasinoDaddy members in 2019/2020
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    Paused at the right moment when ogge was playing with the cam
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    I hit a big win on piggy Riches 2322x on 0,40€ bet
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    If you guys can help me out get the replay of this win it'd be amazing. Got it on the wild feature with a buy, full line best symbol 😁 Gonna buy a new pc with this money
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    Alright, so a new big update in regards to Streamelements and the Store! Missing points due to the Streamelements issue So! After quite a few meetings with Streamelements eventually I got note that the missed points between november 2019 and march 2020 can NOT return (at least not automatically), as the latest back up is and will always be from November 2019. So here is how we fixed this; - All premium item redemptions were manually deducted from your points balance. (Yes, only premiums, lucky you) - Everyone got 30% added to their current point balance, as this was (including competitions and giveaways) around the average points that people lost with the rollback. The more points you had, the more you got added. I know it will not exactly give you the points back that you missed. Some may get a bit more, some a bit less, but it is the best solution we can come up with for the moment. Also we will be introducing weeks where you will be getting double, or even triple points. About the actual store As many of you probably know we have stopped working with Pragmatic play, as well as Leovegas when it comes to store items. This means I am currently busy setting up a new point store (with new items), as well as a cash store - where you can buy your favourite merchandise for cash. Additionally you can get discounts up to 100% with your points in the cash store. Please stay tuned :) Ps. The bot is now back in chat, and loyalty system is enabled!
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    Sorry for Bad quality 😐 YouCut_20200311_181407914.mp4
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    10kr = 1€ bet size. SVID_20200312_142249_1.mp4
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    this video is dedicated to our one and only slot understander Zyvera BonanzaMeme.mp4
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    Couple of good hits one in the morning after I woke up
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