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    Ebro taking revenge on Ogge for that malding bonus hunt. A little bad in some parts , but enjoy! johnny.mp4
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    Got the 5 scatter line in the bonus bet was 1.5 EUR
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    Just got an amazing 5 line explorer + bonus game! bonus game symbol : A Spins : 50 (kinda bad with 50 spins 702 x with a 500 x from explorers but me happy ;) )
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    I just dont know anymore, got a 6600x on Queen of Riches last year and now this one
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    so i still have to setup my video recording stuff, but this was unexpected. i got 4 retriggers or somthing making it 60 spins. multiple snakes in the bonus giving a lot of money. i have a phone video if you guys are interested but i know a lot of you hate it so let me know to post it or not.
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    Playing a Faust bonus when amazingly I got a complete line of Mephistopheles (scatter). Unfortunately I sat there stunned and open mouthed for too long and this is all I could screenshot If you look carefully you can kind of make out the 5 scatters behind the box, but that is confirmed by the win, which is £200 (500x) for the line of the best symbol (Faust) and £80 (200x) for the 5 scatters, plus a bunch of other partial lines, making the £310.80 total. The final result of the bonus was 868X:
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    Had a beautiful setup on DOA2 this evening to bag me a 3716x on a low stake. £30 deposit into a £1800 cashout after a small win on Dog House afterwards, just in time to cover Christmas costs GG!
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    I just love this slot , its 3rd time in 5 months getting this huge win , good luck to everybody
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    Hit wild line when 3 spins left, so +5 on that spin. Hit wild line last 8 spins. 4.5 DKK bet, 22.165 DKK win.
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    John Ogge Wick needs a break...so new background time! When times are hard there's only juan hero (with some help) that can save the day:
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    well its a movie from mobile phone, its was really my first bonus on this game and paid this good haha ;d its 5PLN= 1,25 euro stake fat santa is fat.mp4
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    Thanks everyone for this awesome year! Here's some of the best clips! ▶️ Highligts of the year ◀️ 🔴 Funny and memorable moments of 2019 🔴 🔘 Masse wishing Merry christmas in Italian, with a twist 🔘 Ogge shows Zyvera how to shut it down! 🔘 Exciting unboxing with Masse 🔘 Masse makes Ebro jump 🔘 How Masse came up with the spaghetti dab! 🔘 Are you lucky in love? 🔘 Hold Masses hand everyone 🔴 Some of the most epic wins of 2019 🔴 🔘 This is why Jesus fell in love with the doghouse 🔘 Antes sick run on Book of Maya 🔘 Ebros sick win on book and bulls 🔘 How Masse made santa thick! 🔘 Antes BIG win on lil devil 🔘 Antes BIG win on Dolphins pearl 🔘 Ebros sick scatter win on DoA2 🔘 Ogge learns how Cazino Cosmos can pay 🔘 Zyvera explores Book of Dead 🔘 Ogge the Wishmaster 🔘 Ebros print on Legacy of Ra 🔘 Ogge & Masse wins a lot on Drive 🔘 Masse wins big on Monopoly 🔘 Jesus makes a huge win on 300 Shields Extreme See ya'll in 2020
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    Got a retrigger and also all multipliers. 🥳
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    So after a cold streak of 2 months on this fudging game i finally hit the 1000x again on my love hated favourite game. Super quick with the screenshot. Merry xmas fam Edit: 6 followed spins were deadspins
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    Found this lady demonstrating against Trump, but I thought Jesus would look better with this sign.