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    got this crazy bonus couple of days ago. was on drift casino. almost shit my pants with this bonus
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    How much will all the bonuses pay in total? The closest guess will get €100 pure cash! Write guess (€) and twitch username to enter the competition. IF YOU THINK YOU'RE THE WINNER AND WANT TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE CONTACT LIMGA ON FORUM/TWITCH. IF YOU DON'T CONTACT LIMGA WITHIN 24 HOURS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PRIZE!! AND WE CAN ONLY PAY TO SKRILL RULES: You can only guess ONCE. You can edit your answer up until the thread is closed. Start: €12,000 Bonuses: 37
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    Leovegas £0.20 Diamond Mine 17 FREE SPINS #Bigwin #
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    It should be played like 1st bonus normal (make a profit) Go x2 and next time gives u a discount on x3 and so on