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    Fick 63kr weekend booster på videoslots blev en cashout på 20000kr efter denna sjuka vinsten.
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    Happy christmas eve everyone My biggest wins of 2018 video up tomorrow
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    This is the result, 2k bonus buy on White rabbit
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    Haha so you canceled ur withdraw and won this?? I saw when u asked chat what to do omfg... GZ
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    YES!!!I hit this on 12 X!
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    not a bad little win for £0.60p / 0.67 euro anyone think my slot volume is too low? testing OBS and would appreciate any feedback cheers x
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    crazy hit on JamminJars two days ago..... 🤑🤑🤑 //therealsnowman
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    My first full line on a book copy if I recall correctly. First post aswell, thought it would be worth sharing :)
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    RIP almost 3000 CD-points
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    First i got a 838x win early in the free spins, then it throws in this INSANE screen of mammoths. I have a really bad relationship with this slot, so 2kr bet was all it was getting, it's ripped my balance many times before. That screen paid 4800x, so i ended with a total win of 5695x.
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    I thought i was playing Lightblocks at 50p a spin, turned out it was 50p a line. This came in after just 3 spins. Best misclick ever!
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    I've played the book games a lot, and I mean a LOT. I love them! I've never gotten 5 books though, and especially not in a row! Got this when I was playing for my weekend booster, so I didn't even make a deposit. Deposit: 0€ Withdraw: 900€ Good day!
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    1072x win on jammin jars! stared with 150 euro!
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    Just hit a crazy win on Dead or alive! 😀
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    Goddaaaaaaaamn Rhino! Played some on Norsk-Tipping this morning and hit this beauty!