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    Hey everyone!🙋‍♂️ Join the monthly giveaway for free at www.aboutslots.com/giveaway Complete more steps to get an higher chance of winning. This giveaway is free to enter and the prizes is without wager. Good luck ❤️ /Ebro
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    Lessago, so I tilted in 2x500€bullets that I ripped on Novomatics.☠️ Then I did a 3d and went to Dead or Alive first draw hits 1-2-3-4 and misses 5th scatter 1 down then this badboy comes rollin in. 💣NO 4 scatter curse this time 💣 wild line.mp4
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    Hi guys I need ur help. First I want sory for my English. I had never problem with wunderino unlit last 2weeks. I used to withdrawal many times without problem but now thei want verification again I send them all docs on web. And then also on email. Now it's been more then 2working weeks and still no answer from them. Support is not working it is kinda impossible to join and ask for help. I have there 1,1k € and I have no idea that I can do in this case. Plese can someone help me ?
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    wow 36 spins 😮 and never seen when the reels explodes like that wtf guess I had some bad bonuses! gz
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    Nice Enough for a NEW fan LuL