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    last month hit this monster with 34€ balance left. Its like the 2nd highest win on HV as far as i know.
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    So i managed to get into the Map Quest Feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4i821t8XpE I was feeling risky today and went for the 5x gamble, yikes!
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    How is your setup this is mine when im in my car..
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    Deposited 100kr on leovegas. Got a 890x won 4450kr. Got the pharao and had 40 spins. Hit 1 time 4 pharaos and payed 4k. Did a raise strat and played book of ra 6. Cashout on 11000 sek!
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    I finally hit the Dreambonus with the Scamazbird (and the equivalent symbol) in book of Dead... Startet the bonus with 2 times 3 birds and 2 times 4 birds and then the full screen happend.. Only needed like 200 bird bonuses for that hit lol
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    I had quickspins on. Couldn't take a picture of the win. But here is the end result
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    Took the screenshot before the countup was done cuz i got too hyped, but you can see the 16x2 pinks and the bet and win https://gyazo.com/593f0f242ca1f9bffcadf6bdff245b78?fbclid=IwAR2D7sk8ils27BfQTtUdhi8Dmw7LdNEiMu6QYRH_HT6X7PC1--hConlIhCM
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    Anyone see the power rankings of the casino daddy streamers? https://legendofgambling.com/casino-daddy-power-rankings-july-2019/ They have scammaz Ogge as first and Jesus last hahaha
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    woweh, i like the new 300 shields, and what a nice win big gratz bro
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    woweh, dayum ur lucky on this one bro big gratz agane
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