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    Just got up and sat down for some spins one the Robo, first bonus of the day came after 103 spins when out of nowhere 5 scatters landed. Got really lucky with the typ of robots (almost only tall dubble wilds ones and tall 2x ones with only 1 reels spacing) with several nice premium symbols landing between, First 1000x on a slot thats not Jamming Jars.
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    First big win on this slot
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    first of all, welcome to the forum, hope u will enjoy ur stay here. second wow bro, thats really sad, i guess uve learned a thing or two now, hopefully next time ull get that withdraw and print.
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    Playing my monthly deposit and hit the Jackpot on Rings of Fortune! Didn't imagine it would ever happen to me :D One win and my whole vacation has been paid for, feels good :)
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