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    Slot : book of lords Provider : Amatic Casino : Amunra Bet Size : 0,50€
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    Ogges real name is Oscar and he's been at CasinoDaddy for over a year. He will stream every now and then and he hopes we will like him! Ogge was born and raised in the south of Sweden. Ogge used to live in London and previously worked as model. Ogge is the older brother of Gogge When Ogge first came to CasinoDaddy he quickly went to Malta to stream. He made an unforgettable presentation and he inspired to both the and the emotes. The storytelling has become Ogges hallmark and viewers will never forget the 14 dead rabbits or the caged dwarf on a boat. Btw, Ogge recently tried the Belly jump™ - no fake reactions was found that day ( or? ) We all remember the time went up in the ring against fireball and lost. One time Ogge got fired during stream but he managed to turn it around with the help of a white lie. The viewers loved him when he gave away 4500 points by mistake. You all know that the best way to contact Ogge is through his Swish but you can also follow him on Instagram ( p.s Ogge wanted me to tell you that you can slide into his DM's if you want to buy a case of Monster or a toy garga d.s )
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    ►Hello Casinofam!◄ Who will be the printer of July? Participate in this months guessing competition and win €100 RAW cash! The options are; Masse, Ante, Ebro, Jesus,Ogge,Gustav and Waffe How to join? To join please put the following information in the thread below 1; Your Twitch username or a link to your Youtube profile 2; The name of who you think is going to be the printer of the month for July 3; The x win the winner is going to be victorious with. Example What can you win? 1:st Place: €100 RAW CASH 2:nd Place: 1500 DaddyPoints 3:rd Place: 1000 DaddyPoints Raw money winner get paid through a Skrill or Neteller account! How can you win it? Simply follow the steps above to join. The 3 people with the closest guesses and the correct name will take the prizes! The thread will be closed Tuesday night 30:th of June. Make sure to enter before then! T&C - Must be 18+ to participate - Only 1 post for the duration of this giveaway per IP, household, PC. Double post will be rewarded with an exclusive prize of a permban by a mod of your choosing - You can only win ONCE in the entire giveaway - When you win, pm me your Skrill/Neteller e-mail on TWITCH - Thread will remain open until 30-06-'20. Editing your guess after this date is prohibited. If you do so you will be disqualified. To see previous POTM winners this year click »»► HERE General rules for PrinterOfTheMonth ★ The POTM can only be won if the win was NOT during a bonus buy ★The stake must be €4 or more
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    Found this on the official HP website and thought it might help when you're having balante printing problems (love you Ante ❤️) casino daddy printer meme.mp4