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    Guys I figured it out. Same rules apply as land based,, just gotta watch stream n see which slot consumed the balantes.. jkjk but ebro ty for showcasing the game XD
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    Just randomly clicked on a new slot, playd 4 spins and got a bonus, so sick
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    Story time: So, i was laying in my bed, couldnt sleep. For some reason, i logged into Bethard, and i havent used Bethard for over 2 years. On bethard, i find 1000 SEK that i had forgot to withdrew or something, however, im thinking, why not play some casino then (Almost never play myself, only watch stream) I start of playing some jammin 10 sek bets, goes very well and i end on 6k SEK. I withdraw 3k sek and i save 3k sek for a bonus buy. I decide to go for return of kong and this shit happens... TLDR: Deposit 0kr. Withdraw 208K kr :)
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    la dolce ante, il glorioso rippotutamus
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    Ante is the middle brother and known as the Rippopotamus Antes real name is Anton and he was crowned the most entertaining streamer 2019 by the viewers. Ante was born and raised in Kristianstad in the south of Sweden and before he founded CasinoDaddy he used to work as a salesman along with his brother Masse Ante's Kryptonite is a slot called Mega Joker and since he's constantly returning to this slot he is said to have made some casinos very rich! When he finally got to be the printer of the month he told the world about it Ante is known as "The ripper" since he clear a balance faster then anyone else. Yet his charm and catching optimism has made him very popular and loved. Just like his older brother Ante is also known to do the Belly jump™ every now and then. If you want to follow Ante and his escapades we suggest you checkout his Instagram
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