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    some scuffed ones because its not my first entry anymore Passing Notes.mp4
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    as in my previous uploads here i point with arrows!! 😆
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    My girlfriend had a nice hit on Roman Legion Sorry for bad Quali.
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    Oh dang, nice one! Congrats
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    Yo, Cant you modificate the bonushunter website to show who would win the guessing comp with current average win. For example 7/23 bonuses played and average win is 423€ then it would show 9729€ guess as number one on leaderboard. Because nowadays the leaderboard is useless before last bonuses. With kind regards, Viggen25 from twitch plebs :)
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    Guess: 11137 Twitch/Youtube: mpmbg
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    Hey guys, After recent faulty and wrongful decisions of putting me in the rotm/roty command, I here by quit the command and I no longer want to participate or talk about it. Kind Regards EPrint
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    around 7700x this night.. i had 100x coin then got sniper boom 200x then a collector, and then a collector payer. bad pic.. bet was 3kr tho 🤪
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    Been a while.. power of an incision in a demolition
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    After 2 weeks speelpause made a small deposit tried my luck on MT2 and look at this print PogU KEKO GoRecord9-14-2020 (1).MOV
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    U should forever be in the ROTY and ROTM command. Best regards, Ante the notorious printer.
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    Hey guys ❤️ Its been a tough year for Ogge, from model to this.... thanks for the lovelaaay diamond though ❤️ (no sound) Ogge.mp4
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    Hi guys , first meme ever so don't be too harsh on me .
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    Buster in a few years...
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