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    Alright, listen up Casinodaddy Fam! Push Gaming, Casinodaddy and Casumo is about to bring you something NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Casinodaddy are to host the World Premiere of Push Gaming’s upcoming slot: Wheel of Wonders! The slot will be exclusive on Casumo from 29th of October until the 11th of November! What do we mean by World Premiere? It means that Casinodaddy will be streaming Wheel of Wonders for one hour EXCLUSIVELY before anyone else in the world! When? From 5 pm CET to 6 pm CET on the 29th of October, Casinodaddy will be playing Wheel of Wonders for real money on Casumo, and from 6 pm the game will be available to all of Casumo’s players! And you guessed right, it keeps getting better! Push Gaming have decided to host an EXCLUSIVE giveaway to all of the viewers who are watching this World Premiere live on Casinodaddy’s Twitch or YouTube! During the exclusive hour, anyone who signed up for this incredible giveaway, will have the chance to win one of these amazing 16 prizes from The Wheel of Wonders! How do you sign up? As always, it is really simple and 100% free! You sign up by commenting your Twitch or YouTube name in this thread, and on the 29th between 5pm-6pm we will randomly draw people from this thread to join us in The Wheel of Wonders! IMPORTANT: You HAVE to be active on either Twitch or YouTube during this time, if your name is drawn, in order to claim a prize! Why? Because the Wheel of Wonders comes with a gambling feature - so you will have the option to either claim your prize or gamble it for a re-spin on the Wheel of Wonders! If you are NOT present when your name is drawn, another person will claim your prize! T&C ➪ You must be 18+ to participate ➪ The prizes will come in the form of vouchers for Amazon ➪ You must reply to this post with your Twitch or Youtube name ➪ Only 1 post for the duration of this giveaway per IP, household, PC. Double post will be rewarded with an exclusive prize of a permban ➪ You can only win ONCE in the entire giveaway ➪ We ( CasinoDaddy ) reserve the right to make changes to this giveaway or the terms at our discretion, if needed. ➪ Winners must contact Qajjan here on forum or preferably on Twitch to claim their prize and leave their name and adress.
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    ►Hello Casinofam!◄ Who will be the printer of November? Participate in this months guessing competition and win €100 RAW cash! The options are; Masse, Ante, Ebro, Jesus,Ogge and Gogge How to join? To join please put the following information in the thread below 1; Your Twitch username or a link to your Youtube profile 2; The name of who you think is going to be the printer of the month for November 3; The x win the winner is going to be victorious with. Example What can you win? 1:st Place: €100 RAW CASH 2:nd Place: 1500 DaddyPoints 3:rd Place: 1000 DaddyPoints Raw money winner get paid through a Skrill or Neteller account! How can you win it? Simply follow the steps above to join. The 3 people with the closest guesses and the correct name will take the prizes! The thread will be closed Saturday at midnight, 31:st of October. Make sure to enter before then! T&C - Must be 18+ to participate - Only 1 post for the duration of this giveaway per IP, household, PC. Double post will be rewarded with an exclusive prize of a permban by a mod of your choosing - You can only win ONCE in the entire giveaway - When you win, pm me your Skrill/Neteller e-mail on TWITCH - Thread will remain open until 31-10-'20. Editing your guess after this date is prohibited. If you do so you will be disqualified. To see previous POTM winners this year click »»► HERE General rules for PrinterOfTheMonth ★ The POTM can only be won if the win was NOT during a bonus buy ★The stake must be €4 or more
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    + ◆ Bonus hunt guessing competition - Bonuses collected on; and ◆ ◆ How much will all the bonuses pay in total?* ◆ *note that you guess what the bonuses will pay with the money used - you DON'T guess what the final balance will be. Balance not used will be deducted at the end for an accurate result. Huntend: €19.084 Winners 1:st place: JBilsborough ( Guess €19.069 - 15 off ) 2:nd place: brahim19999 ( Guess €19.110 - 26 off ) 3:rd place: Zlatko ( Guess €19.002 - 82 off ) The closest 3 guesses will get an awesome prize! 1st: €100 RAW CASH 2nd: 700 DaddyPoints 3rd: 500 DaddyPoints Write guess (€) and your twitch username to enter the competition. ●●●► THE WINNERS WILL BE SHOWN ON THE LEADERBOARD IN THE Bonus hunter ●●●► YOU NEED TO CONTACT @QAJJAN IN CHAT OR HERE ON FORUM, WITHIN 24H TO CLAIM YOUR WIN ( only cash prize winner has to contact - DaddyPoints are credited automaticly if you have stated a Twitch account in your guessing post ) ●●●► RAW CASH WINNINGS ARE PAID TO SKRILL OR NETELLER  RULES: You can only guess ONCE per IP and account. You can edit your answer up until the thread is closed. The winner has to claim the prize within 24 hours or the winnings will be voided. Disclaimer: The Bonus hunter will calculate the winners and this may differ from what you expect since the bonus hunter will also count the wins from the game when we get the bonus, giving active viewers who followed the whole hunt an advantage for being active ( they know beforehand if the game paid additional money before it was added to the list ). So from now on we concider the winners displayed in the score board to be correct and that is final. In case one or several bonuses malfunction and can't be opened, the final hunt end value will be without that bonus/bonuses. If you want to make your own bonus hunt, make sure to read this Guide first! See the current stats for the bonus hunt here ●●●► Stats Combined Start: €18.000 and €18.000 Hunters: and
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    Guess: 19630 Twitch/Youtube: Mattlondon
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    Guess: 16399 Twitch/Youtube: Baammm_
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    Guess: 26234 Twitch/Youtube: kullman00
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    some big wins on low bets.
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    Guess: 23011 Twitch/Youtube: Angie_Mac