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    Hello Casinofam! Pragmatic Play has introduced a new and FREE way to battle each other on the famous pragmatic slots for cash prizes! And yes! Some of you already knew, this is a hopefully more succesful redo of the last time - with new servers way more cash to win! Check Social Tournaments out right here! Join up here to enjoy a new tournament with cash prizes every six hours! But that's not all! On Saturday the 8th of june 2019 (18:00 UTC, 20:00 Sweden time) in cooperation with CasinoDaddy you can play for THREE €1000 prize pool tournaments with all other degens on Da Vinci's Treasure, The Dog House and Peking Luck! How to join? Simply follow the link above and register an account with your personal details and join up a tournament, That's it! What can you win? The prize pool varies between €100 and €250, but every now and then there will be SPECIAL chances for big cash! How can you win it? Simply join up one of the featured tournaments on the page. At the start of your session you get a balance equivalent to the amount of spins you are going to play. The funds are virtual, and winnings will not be added to the balance. Instead, winning spins give you points. After the tournament ends the top with the most points takes home the prize pool! Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any feedback, positive or negative, slots you'd like to see - anything is welcome. If you have any question please mail to support@socialtournaments.com! T&C - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy - Excluded countries: US, UK, Australia, North Korea, Ukraine, Romania, India.
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    So I started off with a free £10 bet with 32red, only to turn it into 2 and a half grand. Needless to say was very shocked, didn't record it. Buzzing!
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    Hey guys, Want to share my insane win with you. I lost about 8000€, was chasing my losses ... and then i got this. Now i will never play again, because it cant be better i think :D Greets for you
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    Heart attack inducing win.
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    Well.. started on a 80 euro deposit and still rolling!
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    Awesome win on jammin VID_20190610_013317.mp4
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    Got this yesterday. But is this really a nice win with FIVE retriggers? My heartrate went so high but was so disappointed I didn't get 1 more. What's your opinion?
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    Dont know what to say...
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    40 cent a spin 6k euro out PRINTING
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    1040 x win when 10 kr left :)
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    Hey everyone! Just want to give you a general update on some stuff. First of all I'd like you all to know I'm very aware of several problems around the Streamelements store and giveaways. Many of you have been whispering me (and you were right to do so) in regards to items missing, free spins missing, and giveaway funds missing. Some perhaps have not whispered because they may think it to be 'rude' to complain about free stuff. I personally think if you rightfully won something you should be able to count on getting it within a reasonable timeframe, and this has certainly been lacking. I'd like you to at least be aware of the fact I take all your questions and complaints seriously, and am in close contact (read; nagging him every hour) with Dan on all these matters. Dan relies on his team like I rely on Dan to sort everything properly - and that doesn't always go down as fluently as desired. On behalf of Dan and the CasinoDaddy team we'd like to apologise for any delays. For clarity I will break down and give you some insight/general information on what's going on where; Missing free spins If you are missing free spins on Videoslots that you have purchased with DaddyPoints, please make sure of the following. - Have I read if I am eligible for the spins in regards to country exclusion? - Have I done a real cash deposit on Videoslots in the past 2 weeks? (Makes you count as active player) - Have I purchased the items more often than allowed according to the terms? - Have I double checked if the e-mail I wrote down is actually my videoslots account e-mail? If any of these questions are answered with 'no', then that would be the reason. If you have checked all this and still did not receive your free spins, mail to streamstore@aboutslots.com. Limga reads everything, and contrary to popular belief he actually does try his best to sort your stuff out Missing LeoVegas or Pragmatic store items For LeoVegas items it's quite simple. You need to double check if you've actually written down your LeoVegas registration e-mail in the Streamelements interface, and be the owner of a non-closed, non-self excluded account. Currently Sweden is excluded until further notice - hopefully this will be changed. For Pragmatic items (Pip caps, CD T-shirts, CD Hoodies), make sure you write down everything exactly as asked on every line, they need all information to properly send an item. We know there have been some big delays with the hoodies, but a large group of hoodies HAS been sent out just a few days ago, and we hope you will get them in your mail soon. Exclusive item orders (Ps4, xbox, iphone, Drone) Just want to quickly note here that the people that ordered a Playstation 4, X-box or Drone should NOW have received a personal e-mail from Dan with the request to confirm your address for the item to be sent Giveaway Payments The giveaways payments from the 09/05 and 25/05 giveaway have yet to be paid. Usually Dan gives me information he gets, and I forward this information to you. Regrettably I have been unable to keep my word on several occasions due to complications currently going on with Skrill on Pragmatics end. I am waiting just as much as you are, as I do not like having to disappoint you every time in a private chat. We will try our best to get this sorted as soon as we can, and I just want to make sure that you all know that you will get what you rightfully won or ordered. EDIT: WINNERS THAT CONTACTED ME HAVE BEEN PAID. But on the bright side... Since we have been feeling we let you down a bit lately as a community - especially since the last €1500 Social Tournament didn't go as intended either (we crashed the servers) we would like to make it up to you guys. In one of the coming weeks (to be announced!) when the new servers are live, we will treat you with an exclusive social tournament with a prize pool of at least €3000, and a first prize of at least €500! (For information about how they work, please check out THIS old thread) Feel free to let us know which Pragmatic game you would like to see the tournament on! See you in chat ❤️
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    My first wildline ever on DoA2, €0,09 stake for an attempt to save my balance, €164 win. I should have picked the bonus with multiplier wilds... 😂
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    Was watching rip get 2 bonuses in a row on 300 shields, so I logged on and did 2 spins myself. Got the bonus, instant retrigger and insane win on 300x :D
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    Got a 4x and 5x explorer!