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    Ebro taking revenge on Ogge for that malding bonus hunt. A little bad in some parts , but enjoy! johnny.mp4
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    Hello Casinofam! It's finally time for Masse 24 hour stream! Start: Friday 28-02 09:00 GMT +1 End: Saturday 29-02 09:00 GMT +1 What you can expect FULL MASSE DEGENESS BIG Bonushunts !Casanova Table games Giveaways Bonus buys Highrolling AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! We hope to see you all!
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    Hope you like it kekw.mp4
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    What I hear when i watch the Stream:
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    Hello Casinofam! It's finally time to celebrate 100.000 followers on our channel! Please share with us your FAVOURITE FUNNY MOMENT of CasinoDaddy so we can go over all the best clips together on stream! ALSO! 2x €1000 Tournaments on SOCIALTOURNAMENTS starting at 15:00 (WITH BONUS BUYS) and 16:00 (NEW GAME!) GMT +1, register here! THE NUMBER 1 WINNER ON THE BONUS BUY TOURNAMENT GETS AN AWESOME PRAGMATIC PLAY GAMING CHAIR AS BONUS! Join us for some DEGEN action on friday 26-07-'19, don't miss it, because we have a LOT in store for you guys! What you can expect Full blooded degen action Bonus hunts Highrolling DRUNK STREAM GIVEAWAYS, items AND Raw cash! Chair giveaway! Lots of JACKPOT win hunting MUCH MUCH MORE We hope to see you all!
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    Probably breaking some 1 post 1 meme rules, but I don't even wanna compete . Just doing this for the lulz. Sounds up bois! saf20043-1258.mp4
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    Casual day for the Casinodaddy fam...
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    HELLO FAM Please write your twitch name, or a link to your youtube profile in this thread to win an iPhone XS MAX 64 GB!  NOTE THAT DOUBLE POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED, AND WE WILL DOUBLE CHECK! We count on you to be a good sport The winner will be drawn 18:00 CET and winner needs to be +18 to be able to receive it!
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    Let's learn the alphabet with CasinoDaddy! Go and sit down and pay attention! abcd meme.mp4
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    From the maker of the "Drunk Ogge " I present you "Ante the millionaire " Ante5.mp4
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    Last night I deposited 1000kr on CasinoStugan and went on playing Shark but no significant wins. Changed to DOA 2 when I had like 600kr left and upped to 18kr bet just for the heck of it. After a few spins down to 400kr I changed again to 36kr bet just to get it over and done with so I could go upstairs and do some PUBG with friends. Low and behold just after 2 spins on that stake I hit bonus and the result was as you can see LIFE CHANGING MONEY. Trying to get a replay of the win from the provider, if I get it I will post it here.
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    Here is a video explaining how you participate in the guessing competition ( View in Firefox if possible ) Credits to @OvE for creating the video how to guess.mp4
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    New week, new chances guys! €100 Winner will be picked from all entries after this post next friday! masse.mp4
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    Hello Casinofam! To celebrate 3 years of live action with CasinoDaddy, let's have a big giveaway! How to join? For Twitch viewers write your Twitch username in the thread below, youtube viewers can write a link to their YouTube account page. You only have to enter ONCE for the duration of the ENTIRE giveaway! What can you win? Total Prize Pool: €1000 Raw + €750 in Merchandise! Prize List 1st draw: 10x €25 2nd draw: 5x €50 3rd draw: 5x €100 4th draw: 3x Leovegas Merchandise Package €100 value 5th draw: CasinoDaddy EXCLUSIVE Chair by GTomega DRAW TIMES: 14:00 GMT +1 16:00 GMT +1 18:00 GMT +1 20:00 GMT +1 21:00 GMT +1 Raw money winners get paid through a Skrill account! Big thanks to LeoVegas, Pragmatic Play, and GTomega for sponsoring! How can you win it? The first step is to simply sign up in this thread by replying with your Twitch name, or linking your YouTube profile. In total there will be 5 draws during todays stream at different timestamps. The first draw is for example 10x €25, meaning 10 participants will win €25. If you don't win during the first - fear not, in total you have 24 chances to win! And remember, you only have to enter ONCE for ALL the draws. You don't have to be in chat to win, as long as your name is in the thread. THE THREAD WILL CLOSE BEFORE EVERY DRAW, AND REOPEN BEFORE THE NEXT ONE T&C - Must be 18+ to participate - Only 1 post for the duration of this giveaway per IP, household, PC. Double post will be rewarded with an exclusive prize of a permban by a mod of your choosing - Please note that LeoVegas merchandise winners MUST have a LeoVegas account. No need to deposit, but this is for age verification. - You can only win ONCE in the entire giveaway - When you win, pm me your Skrill e-mail on TWITCH
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    Lessago, so I tilted in 2x500€bullets that I ripped on Novomatics.☠️ Then I did a 3d and went to Dead or Alive first draw hits 1-2-3-4 and misses 5th scatter 1 down then this badboy comes rollin in. 💣NO 4 scatter curse this time 💣 wild line.mp4
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    I'm glad you enjoyed The Safari-vid. Not much time for memes this week, but at least I figured out why ante was blue. Big GZ on 50k subs! blu.mp4