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    Hey everyone! On friday 21/9 we will run an exclusive giveaway of 2 watches from https://www.stagwatches.se/ To enter the giveaway you need to follow these two steps: Go to the site and choose Your favourite watch and post the link in this thread along with your Twitch username. Attend to the friday challenge stream and be ready to write the given keyword. For thoose who doesnt win the there will be a code with 20% discount to use on any watch from the shop. We will add this code here on friday once the giveaway is over. Good luck! CONGRATS to the winners. All the rest of you can use the 20% discount code "casinodaddy" All you have to do is to enter https://www.stagwatches.se/ and make your choice, then enter "casinodaddy" to get the 20% discount. Give them a follow on instagram https://www.instagram.com/stagwatches.se/ CasinoDaddy
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    Tonight I Got my biggest Win ever and the Highest multiplier i‘ve seen so gar in this Game... Herr you Can See that im playing with 20 Cent each turn and here ist the complete Win
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    Hey, Hope you guys like my photoshop. I've been working hard on it. (I tried to be very detailed, so you might wanna have a good look at it :D) Greetings!
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    Watch John Hunter stream everyday at pragmatic
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    Best ever win in this slot, first ever over 1000 x Epic basegame hit followed by Garga later(which did not pay as good as the basegame)
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    Nice one! I got this as well butwithout last reel, pays insane that symbol
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    My second biggest multipler hit ever!! enjoy the sight
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    So I was standing at 1,20 $ canadian. with a bonus balance that I had to wager .. I hit a couple 300x on rise of olympus, which brought me to 860 something, then managed to get back down to 124$ then this happened ! CHEERS !
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    Hello guys, I’m new in casino gambling, and started just 5 weeks ago This is my biggest win EVER. 10 kr bet ~ 1 EUR
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    I purchased 25 free spins from Casino Daddy store on Book of Dead @ Videoslots... Won $2.15 and decided to stay on Book. Hit a line of Richies and bang, eaaaaasy cashout. Thanks Casino Daddy ........... DaddyLove DaddyGo DaddyHype DaddyBoom!
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    watchmeplayslots....kev....twitch https://www.stagwatches.se/produkt/swgold01se/ Love this one its my style
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    il just leave this here hahahahahah and some animated one lol