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    118,72$, bet 0,8$ 52,4$, bet 0,5$ 264$, bet 0,9$ 68,96$, bet 0,5$ 129,6$, bet 0,6$ 273,2$, bet 2$ 105,1$, bet 1$ 95,34$, bet 0,6$ 170,8$, bet 0,5$
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    TTR Casino is running a special competition special for Daddy's forum! It's very easy - everything of what you should do - is registered in TTR casino, make a deposit and play slots with bets from € 0.5 to €5, if you were lucky to won x100+ per sping or bonus game - you have to make a screenshot with winning and post in this thread! For each screenshot - you will earn points and participate in the tournament. Casino: TTR Casino Register Here! Duration: 25.02.2019 - 25.03.2019 11:59PM (UTC) Prize pool:€10 000 1 place - €2500 2 place - €1500 3 place - €1000 4 place - €800 5 place - €700 6 place - €600 7 place - €500 8 place - €400 9 place - €300 10 place - €275 11 place - €250 12 place - €225 13 place - €200 14 place - €175 15 place - €150 16 place - €125 17 place - €100 18 place - €90 19 place - €60 20 place - €50 Terms and conditions. You can participate only in USD/EUR account, all screens from the other currencies do not count! Eligible games: All slot games Max screenshots per slot: 1 Players are allowed to resubmit screenshots from the same game with a higher result Min bet: $0.5/€0.5 Max bet: $5/€5 Points earned with bets exceeding the max size are calculated using $5/€5 bet size Eligible multiplier for a screenshot: x100 per spin or feature Players are allowed to participate with bonus money Players may not multiply their winnings by gambling on colours, suits, etc., even after submitting their screenshots Players may not buy any bonus features or use respin feature on individual reels Players should bet on all available lines in any given game All screenshots must be submitted no later than 6 hours after they were taken and before the end of the competition Screenshots from the bets history will not be accepted All winnings will be credited with x1 wagering requirement The casino reserves the right to amend or expand the terms of the competition in case of abuse and void any ill-gotten results. Competition rules: Players are required to hit x100 or higher wins with a spin or a bonus feature in order to take part in the competition. Points are calculated based on the size of your bet upon the formula: bet size/100. Example 1. Player gets a multiplier of x100 with €0.5 bet. This spin brings him 0.5 points. Example 2. Player gets a multiplier of x100 with €5 bet. This spin brings him 5 points. Example 3. Player gets a multiplier of x100 with €50 bet. This spin brings him 5 points as the max size bet is capped at €5. Points earned on different games are cumulative. Screenshots submission rules: When posting a screenshot the player should specify the bet size and the winning amount. The player doesn’t need to specify the multiplier! The player must indicate if his screenshot serves as an improvement of the previous result. All winnings from the competition will be credited to your TTR Casino account with x1 wagering requirement! NOTE: Players from Sweden does not allow to participate!
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    My biggest win ever on Ecuador gold 2042X
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    so i won £25k at a land based casino playing blackjack starting from £2 and ending with £20 hands. I ended up buying myself my dream finally
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    Very nice win bro. Was is basegame or in bonus? Congrats
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    😮 wth did just happend 😮
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    Well its not often u accidentally bet $250 in one spin, and i didnt know it was even possible with such a high stake. Anyways got really lucky with a bonus on that spin, winning $4600, not biggest multiplier but insane win.
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    afk 6025x Started on 150euro to 10500 euro
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    Printed up from a 500€ deposit to 2.4k on white rabbit. Went into Vikings and grinded on 10€ bet.... went down to 480€, no big hits tbh and got tilted AF and raised to 40€. Second spin bonus This is the result:
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    multiple spin with a double wild line
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    Had no luck on this slot, well over 2000 spins with 54% rtp on Videoslots, but i was too stubborn and wanted to see a huge win. Had 3 bonuses in 30 minutes, last one was 1672x. The stake is low, because it has been very expensive to play.
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    Nice win! not easy to get any sort of decent bonus on this one
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    Lots pf dead spins but still sick win! enjoy
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    woweh, nice win bro