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    Casual day for the Casinodaddy fam...
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    New week, new chances guys! €100 Winner will be picked from all entries after this post next friday! masse.mp4
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    leave a follow @dankismylifestyle on Instagram if you enjoyed this one :))
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    started with 80 Euros and ended up with this ;)
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    Was kinda happy with this. Just bought for fun at 0,25€ size.
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    Sorry for the degen 4am selfie, this was the best I could get... This was on a konami machine called Money Galaxy: Dragon's Return that has linked progressive... this "maxi" progressive starts at 10k so it had just recently hit... just a random trigger on a spin.
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    Fullscreen from the other day. Betsize 0.80€x500 = 400 € Win.
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    Amazing to see this game pay Congrats!
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    NEED I SAY MORE. Got random memes? Videos? Anything that is at least a bit socially acceptable? THIS is the place. ALSO ONCE A WEEK ON FRIDAY THE BEST MEME OF THE WEEK WINS €100 RAW CASH (SKRILL OR NETELLER, WRITE ZYVERA) Youtube and Twitch, show your best. - Must be 18+ to enter - One meme entry per person/IP per week - If the meme is a video, plz just make ONE meme out of it, not like 3 memes in one video WINNERS: 13/09/19: chargieqt
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    Today the master of flute, the fantastic storyteller Ogge, turns 25! I wish you a wicked, crazy and happy birthday my friend! And many, many more to come ❤
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    Nice one congrats bro
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    boomeh, what a nice win bro, yeah this slot is hard to get paid from big gratz
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    Thank you guys😋
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    welcome bro to this awesome forum hope u will enjoy
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    woweh, yeah i like this slot alot to now hehe, really nice win bro big gratz
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    boomeh, what a nice win gratz