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    Busy week, 2 very short vids. Kudos to all of you for always being able to take a joke, especially Ante. This is just for fun and laughs. ( I tried to make memes of the other guys, but Ante is just so meme-compatible) censored_0000001-1544.mp4
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    First Meme in this thread You guys are awesome!!
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    I randomly got the Jackpot on Snabbare when I played Book Of Dead! REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT. Played for 20 SEK. Later on cashed out 75K SEK got it after 5 Minutes
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    Dont want to be in the competition, this is only for fun I havent had so much time for stream last couple of weeks, been working ALOT and some other sad things happend, but i joined one day and got this juice info. Hope u like it bros
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    Give me a call, so we can setup a swish transaction for the "printing file"... 👍 *edit: Btw, it was me leaving the toe nail. 😁 twitch - MrJ_3 rip - print edited.mp4
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    Finally Extra chilli paid off! I was on phone so sorry for not picturing the main event!
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    Secret of the stones - 654X Gonzos Quest 40 kr bet - 451 x Gonzos Quest 20 kr bet - 637x Book of Dead 20 kr bet - 538 x
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    Dont really know if these are memes. I just came up with the idea when i was watching football and your stream at the same time , hope you like it . Didnt have Mich time to perfect the heads.. and i was hard challenge to find decent photos of you guys Original photos are here: https://imgur.com/ReQJYiP
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    first-ever post on the meme competition although long-time viewer, love you with all my heart oggie xx
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    this is what i imagine the hidden room from CasinoDaddy office looks like, hope you enjoy
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    First Ante do it but then Ebro takes it to the next level. Cant wait if masse goes further
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    Simple meme wich I think you guys appreciate😆
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    Streaming just for entertaining.. and their true life as..! Check it out.🤣 ( True life of CasinoDaddy members earning in 2019)😁
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    First time posting hope you will enjoy my Picture of my favorites❤️❤️ ❤️ Love you all.
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    Heard you where looking for a new Designer for the thumbnails because Antes videos aren't getting uploaded fast enough. Here is my submission. Twitch name: BrunnarS Meme Competition
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    Hi agane. I heard that you guys liked my last jojo meme ,so i am back like promised to deliver another jojo shitpost. Clips for this are from Jojo no Kimyō na Bōken: Sentō Chōryū ( aka part 2) and also for part 5 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken: Ōgon no Kaze. i hope you guys didn`t have to hard time saying these names. PS: next week i am going to drop some serious ??????????? stuff and you will have no idea what is happening if you haven`t seen jojos Blizzard adventure. So if you think this is weird just you wait. jojo shit adventure.mp4
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    Hi guys, My first ever attempt at editing any kind of video or photo. Only been watching for around 4 weeks and you guys kill it! Much love to all you, even the ROTM's.... (Excuse the little bit of scuff at the end please, only noticed after I edited it) Hope you enjoy. Before my Meme plays below, I'd like to say a few words... Hello Ante, nice to see you on your last day of the stream. Whilst it's sad to see you go we understand your decision making since you've been ripping around 2 million dollars since the start. Financially a very smart move, socially it's not. Thanks for these three years and I hope you will enjoy your time as a maid for the brolos. Much love, peace and respect Rippopatamus! lL5I_J10AjrRTnHpRvZu8.mp4
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