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    Last night I deposited 1000kr on CasinoStugan and went on playing Shark but no significant wins. Changed to DOA 2 when I had like 600kr left and upped to 18kr bet just for the heck of it. After a few spins down to 400kr I changed again to 36kr bet just to get it over and done with so I could go upstairs and do some PUBG with friends. Low and behold just after 2 spins on that stake I hit bonus and the result was as you can see LIFE CHANGING MONEY. Trying to get a replay of the win from the provider, if I get it I will post it here.
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    Last miunte production! Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂 Bon...meme.mp4
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    Did four spins and got the bonus. My biggest win ever!!! video-1585397163.mp4
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    Happens to the best of us. Keep it clean. I mean, keep it up guys!
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    Hi Guys and good luck to Ebro on his 24hr Stream. I made a small video today showcasing the wheel that ANTE spins everytime before he decides playing slots. The main question he asks the magic wheel is MAGIC WHEEL, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ON THE STREAM TODAY? The answer we all know YeahThat. 20200327_115159_1.mp4
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    Well done Ebro 24 hour stream from a young guy, so difficult. Do 48 Hours Like a Man. You're not Old like Masse so this will be easy AF! WHO 3.mp4
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    Long time no see. Finally had some time to edit memes to your dislike because of the virus. Well anyway i hope you like this meme i made for you guys. See you agane in a like two months or when ever i have time to edit these. warning!! video is loud. turn down the volume. Untitled.mp4
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    What to do when slots have gone bad..
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    Not professional but with effort Twitch: bot_agent
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    What a win 😮 Twitch: ressivv
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    Not a bonus buy either. Hit this just now
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    Nice one.. I love to play with this bet size 🤣
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    boomeh, sweet win bro and look at that save big gratz
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    woweh, nice win bro big gratz
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    Won this Yesterday! Had also 4000x on DoA2 yesterday! I think i will grind it some more (-: 6028x Dead or Alive 2.mp4
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