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    Finally managed to get it And it was a good one too!
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    Hello Casinofam! It's finally time for the 24 hour stream! Start: Sunday 22-04 12:00 GMT +1 End: Monday 23-04 12:00 GMT +1 What you can expect Full blooded degen action Raw bonus hunts Highrolling Timell Table gaming sessions Raw money giveaways EVERY HOUR Wildline hunts, Hotmode hunts, Full retrigger White Rabbit hunts Poker tournaments every 4 hours (with 100€+ added per tournament, buy in $0.11) MUCH MUCH MORE Poker Schedule 22-04 14:00 No limit hold-em 100€ added 22-04 18:00 Pot Limit Omaha 100€ added 23-04 22:00 No Limit Hold-em 100€ added 23-04 02:00 Pot Limit Omaha 100€ added 23-04 06:00 No Limit Hold-em 100€ added 23-04 10:00 No Limit Hold-em 100€ added (All times are GMT +1) We hope to see you all!
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    You see a lot of big and epic wins on this forum. Don't be fooled by thinking that they are common things. those are cheered due to the important fact that they are rare. Take care and control yourself . Gambling can ruin your life !!!!!!!!
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    Hey Casino Family, This month we are doing something extra with a 5000€ raw cash giveaway. Winners will be paid by neteller/skrill and its free to enter! Join up by following the easy steps on: https://www.aboutslots.com/giveaway Much Love Casinodaddy
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    Played on Casumo and got a pretty nice hit for only a 1 euro bet ? Cashed out 3000 euro on Top Cat after winning a Jackpot first time in my life!
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    Hey Casino Family, Today we are doing something extra with a 250€ raw cash giveaway. Winners will be paid by paypal/skrill and its free to enter! ONE THING YOU HAVE TO DO IS WRITE "RIPROCK PIPROCK" UNDER THIS THREAD! YOU CAN WRITE ONLY ONCE! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUCED 23:20 ON STREAM! 10 WINNERS 25EURO EACH! Much Love
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    Wtf did i do, Im sorry jesus! ?
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    The bonus payed 1005x in total
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    This ended up beeing a 13500€ withdrawal from a 500€ deposit
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    I woke up this morning and still thought it was just a dream! I believe I may still be in shock. I've never been to deeply in debt (well at least not in the last 5 years), and with this jackpot I'll be able to pay off all that remains, fix up the house a bit and take a nice trip.
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    So this time I had really luck - bought a last 10Euro Paysafecard and played Jack and the Beanstalk (Kaboo) - got it on 20cent, 40cent, 40cent 2nd Coin and last on 60cent - there it was.... Full Line Jack. At least a win of over 2.163 X .... So this cashout was sure... ?
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    Was watching jesus on ganming stream. Won like 900€ on Videoslots with several wins combinded. Wanted to do 100€ bullet on Leo, but lokk there 25€ bonus money in my account. Thanks leo. Went on DHV did 5€ spins, first spin 315€ hit double fulline Bells with 6x Did the wagering with another nice win on bonanza (basegame) and a Garga of 250€ (2€ bet). Cashed out 500€. Got drunk while watching jesus on his gaming Stream. So drunk me canceled the withdraw on Leo.... Ripped 3 Whiterabbit bonuses of 100€ Bought a 30€ Extra Chilli Bonus....-> LOOK AT THAT MULTIPLIER. ( Gambled up to 24 spins + 2x 4 Spin retrigger)
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    1000kr deposit, 35.000kr cashout
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    Heres another one of my 5000x wins, this happened twice for me in the same game, but the other win happened on my Macbook !
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    I was playing Danger on max bet yesterday. was down like 4 Bullets 1k€ each. Got a decent basegame hit with 3,7k€. Balance was up on 4,3k so little profit atleast. Left the money on my accunt over night. I wanted to cashout..yeah wanted... There was some good profit for me lately, so i did, what i always wanted to do -> 100€ spins Choose Pink Elephant for this degen shit. Grinded for some minutes, balance was stable. These minutes feel like hours with 100€ bets Got a 78x (7,8k) basegame hit. i wanted to cashout on 10k. But this games teased me like hell, so i kept grinding. Got the random feature, only one peanut appears at first, but then on that normal spin after 4 further peanuts hitted in. So 15 Freespins on 100€ bet. Was ok, could have been way better. Cashout 17,5k.
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    Hey, after seeing casinodaddys video today i wanted to share my biggest white rabbit win
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    Just had a Insane hit on white rabbit... https://m.imgur.com/a/rjAEU