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  1. Since we seem to be on a cheating witch hunt and I'd rather not lose my position on the leaderboard to a potentially unauthentic win I'd like to ask why your balance is positioned so weirdly and out of place compared to other people playing this game and is the win not supposed to go into the balance directly? I tried the game and checked youtube videos and that happened for me, i.e., the balance updated with the win upon finishing hyper mode
  2. Honestly guys, if you're gonna be throwing accusations and claim someone's cheating based on a Christmas tree then at least get your facts straight. Here you have a video of me playing the game just a few minutes ago with real cash with the date visible at one point and yet there's no Christmas tree. As for the 3-4 minute gap in the play history I obviously got very excited when I got this win after playing the slot for roughly two hours and shared it with friends before continuing to play and those claims regarding 2177x being unlikely are just utterly stupid as it's obvious a hit like this isn't common but claiming it's impossible when it has with slots to do is just dumb clai 20-12-20-22-12-06.mp4 m as it clearly happened to me. I don't feel like I should even be defending myself so if Qajjan would like any kind of further verification he can contact me and I'm more than happy to provide it to him. 20-12-20-22-12-06.mp4
  3. Yeah of course mate no worries, I understand your concern. My bad should've included game history in post but here it is. https://gyazo.com/914c72296f3b36738ba5985212e64871
  4. Finally got a win of 2170x I'm satisfied with after playing this for a while. Enjoyed this comp because this is a game I wouldn't have tried normally but I actually like it alot. Twitch username is hardukul
  5. Guess: 37777 Twitch/Youtube: Hardukul
  6. 4029x twitch hardukul, sorry for the picture, the win made me forget how to use a camera.. lol
  7. Guess: 743 Twitch/Youtube: Hardukul
  8. Guess: 17777 Twitch/Youtube: hardukul
  9. Guess: 47500 Twitch/Youtube: hardukul
  10. Guess: 10527 Twitch/Youtube: hardukul
  11. hardukul

    GARGA competition

    1525 euro twitch hardukul
  12. Guess: 9752 Twitch/Youtube: hardukul
  13. Guess: 17700 Twitch/Youtube: Hardukul Twitch