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    Happy anniversary to you bros and to us! thanks for good time and content Twitch: J_B_T
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    Pip and his temper

    I think Pip and Rip, even Simon, brought some diveristy to the Casinodaddy stream. I can understand Pip, he had a bad month, and he might be a bit frustrated, but to be honest, a lot of us react just like that when we get scammazed by slots It's hard to stay cool, and many people don't even want streamers to be "made of stone"..we laugh, we are sad, we show empathy and we rage together on the stream, both streamers and viewers. Pip is not insulting or being rude towards anyone, that's most important thing. How he chooses to express his emotions is his thing, mine (or ours) is to like it and watch or not like it and dont watch. Acting childish? What would you say about DrDisrespect for example? He is dressing in a freaking uniform, raging, insulting, swearing, humiliating other players and streamers, and he is one of the most popular ones on twitch. Some like it, some don't. I also saw a girl dancing half-naked and singing, which was in my opinion soft porn stuff that doesn't belong to twitch, but hey, i blocked it, don't watch it and that's it.
  3. Ran this balance from 200 to 7900HRK (thats from 30Eur to 1100Eur)...this slot doesn't pay huge in bonus, usually 50-250x..but you can get A LOT of bonuses..i got more than 30 this time, including 3 in a row. But only stopspins work
  4. I've heard that some casinos outside Sweden which don't have the licence for swedish market, still offer bonuses to players. I mean, there is no real way for anyone to punish you for playing in a casino without swedish licence, is there? Does anyone have any such site to recommend?
  5. On one hand it has sense, on the other it doesn't. I strongly believe that it is other way around. Because if the prize pool is separated by the provider, it would mean that there's a good chance that some casinos would pay up huuuge amounts of winnings and end up in bankruptcy, while other would be getting massive profit. Basically, depending on the luck of the provider, Leovegas could end up paying 50-100 huge wins in one week and just crashing. If it would be separated by the provider, it would be way too much risk for any casino, even the biggest ones. That's why i think the prize pool is connected to casino.
  6. Let's see guys how we can help casinodaddy stream with some constructive ideas and plans. I have several things on my mind that might be suggested to casinos to go around the new law. Moving to another country is obviously out of the question. So, here are some of my ideas: Casinodaddy is a registered company, right? You can always use it to make arrangements with casinos and charge them with advertising fee. Use some kind of point loyalty system. Deposit more than 10,000Euro, get points enough to buy 2-3k casino cash in their store. A system could be made so that, instead of depositing direct cash, you buy credits, and then convert them to more cash than you bought it for. Example. buy credits for 1000 euro, and with those credits buy playable cash worth 2000 euro. That system could be available for "VIP streamers" only, so other players couldn't abuse it. Also, while you are figuring it our, you could also perhaps hire someone outside sweden to stream for casinodaddy with bonuses. You do a few hours a day, and he takes the evening stream. Could be worth a try, at least until you figure things out. The soulution can and must be found. I'd be happy to deal with that problem and try to find the perfect solution, but unfortunatelly i'm not familiar with Swedish language, and it's kinda hard to read all the articles in the New Gambling Law with precision. Some of this might sound dumb, some not, but I hope the rest of the guys on the forum also pitch some of their ideas. ☺️