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  1. calscot

    Rise of Merlin! All symbols in free spins?

    love it gz. no Ace though
  2. calscot

    Guessing Competition #2 9/7

    15536 calscot
  3. calscot

    Wiin by Drivegreater

    Great win great vid !! ty for showing - enjoy your cash
  4. Thank you for the reply mate. I suspected as much but couldn't resist when I spotted the typo
  5. UK excluded from the competition ? even our trains are excluded = Uktraine ?
  6. calscot

    DoA2 Love this game 16097x

    ty guys fecking beautiful game...quick bonus too
  7. calscot


    Congratz!.. with only £12 left.. even sweeter nice 1
  8. calscot

    DoA2 8604X

    Thank you gents.. It was insane! I didn't click the count up either and took 30 mins to finish Also the really crazy part was this was a raise strat from 18p bet and got wild line on that. 3582 X win.. Did 50 spins then at 90p but got nothing. Cashed out £3500 Best day ever! (Low stake pays :))
  9. calscot

    DoA2 8604X