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  1. Lucashoch

    9800 EUR

    You can take screenshots by the way.
  2. Lucashoch

    The end of casinodaddy?

    I don't care to play at same rules. I just want to watch my favorite streamers gamble. With this law, they won't be able to stream as much as before. Result: less fun for me and for a lot of people
  3. Lucashoch

    The end of casinodaddy?

    Then they wouldn't be able to stream as much and as risky they do now. They would loose too much in the long run. I don't call that a good thing.
  4. Lucashoch

    I Phone XS MAX Giveaway - By Pragmatic Play!

  5. Lucashoch

    twistz87 2x50€ Giveaway

    Youtube : Lucas Hochstrasser