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  1. usedtampunn

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 21/08

    15292 -snakefudger
  2. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    109k.. damn so sorry man, actually disgusted reading this, Ill make sure that I stay away from that one as well. Hope you get a huge cash out soon mate ❤️ ( on a legit casino that is haha )
  3. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    Sorry to hear that man, did that happen recently? Also watch out for campeonbet, that's one of their sites as well.
  4. usedtampunn

    Grand Jackpot on 5 Lions Gold

    So nice, congratz on that huge cashout
  5. usedtampunn

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 04/08

    6921 - snakefudger
  6. usedtampunn

    Jesus POTM poster OMEGALUL

    ❤️ haha thanks daddy
  7. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    Oh even better, hope you keep it up! Thanks for taking the time to respond, have a great day !
  8. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    Damn, 3500 euro.. That's disgusting. They will find any reason to not pay out, they are thieves. So now you only play on the bigger casino's I guess? with a Malta licence?
  9. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    Yea, Whenever I ask the about it on livechat, they tell me to send an email, and immediately close the chat. But the emails i send, are getting completely ignored. What happened to you that was unfair?
  10. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    Yea, the anything after the 6th bonus, they will not pay out. it's absolutely disgusting PepeHands
  11. usedtampunn

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    Hello all, Today I got the worst message a slot player can get: "Regarding Terms and Conditions , withdrawal request rejected and winnings deducted from your account." Over the last few weeks I've been depositing on Evobet and losing A LOT. They have these bonuses available where you get 75% if you deposit with Skrill, but hey, here is the catch. Apparently, in the terms and conditions, you can only use those bonuses 6 times a month, seems okay. But what if I told you they don't remove the bonuses, or even give a message stating that you you've reached the limit of bonuses. They let you use them as much as you want, i think i did like 20 deposits with that same bonus code, and finally hit big. Managed to get a 700 euro cash out, and was really happy to finish the tough wager. I love playing slots, playing on almost every (legit) casino, and always been very careful to read the T&C before I play on a new casino, and know where to look out for, but this one I've never seen in the 5 years of playing. And here is the funniest part of all of this tragedy: after they notified me about the bonus abuse, they send me another automated mail telling me that I CAN USE A BONUS UP TO 75% I mean, it doesn't get any better than thatMy hopes are not high that I will receive my money, but maybe you guys have any suggestions for me. At least I can warn you guys and tell you to stay the hell away from this horrible casino Thanks for reading and hope to hear some feedback from you guys. Regards, Fabian