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  1. Thanks! I played this game soo much, and never hit anything above 500x. The max cashout is painful, but hey, a 1000 is a 1000
  2. Hey all, I feel sick, disgusted and scammed. I've been playing a while now at Crazeplay casino, they frequently gave me reload bonuses but unfortunately never managed to make a withdrawal. In total I made around 800 euro in deposits and consider myself a loyal costumer. A few days ago, i had the sickest run of my life, i played 60 cent bets, and managed to get a 1700 euro cashout. I was so excited after months of grinding slots, to finally get a cashout. But today, i got a message stating: Hello Fabian, Please note that your withdrawal request has been declined, your winnings removed and your deposit refunded. According to our T&C: (some of their games) If a player plays these games while wagering a bonus, the bets placed on these slot games will be subtracted from the player’s real money balance (if available) and they will not contribute towards wagering fulfilment of the pending bonus. Playing bonus funds on such games is prohibited and could lead to all winnings from that promotion being confiscated. _____ Since the casino has a MGA licence, i thought it was trustworthy. I read the T&C, and I know where to look out for. But this one I'd never seen or even heard of. Your withdrawal being rejected because you played a slot?? I'm only familiar with slots not contributing to the wager requirements, but denying an entire cashout for this reason? There was no notification, no message, not a "you cannot play this game with bonus balance" popup. Thats some curacao license trick in my opinion. I've been an extremely loyal costumer, and this is how i get repaid. Just a "sorry for the inconvenience". "Is there anything else I can help you with?". I've never been more triggered by words than today. I'm done with gambling, for at least a good time. If you read this, please stay away from this casino if you want to be treated fairly. PS: Do you guys have any opinion on this subject? Regards, F
  3. RAIDER OF THE LOST BALANTE Raider of the lost balante.mp4
  4. I tried everything i could, the site that promoted this page, skrill etc. But unfortunately there is nothing i can do.. just warn people on a few casinoforums. and yes, they still give out this same scamaz bonus
  5. Ogge shuts it down once agante
  6. 109k.. damn so sorry man, actually disgusted reading this, Ill make sure that I stay away from that one as well. Hope you get a huge cash out soon mate ❤️ ( on a legit casino that is haha )
  7. Sorry to hear that man, did that happen recently? Also watch out for campeonbet, that's one of their sites as well.
  8. So nice, congratz on that huge cashout
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