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  1. ZHureiCH

    Slot Planet scamaz

    It´s seems like all the Players just get cheated when winning. Obv can´t win on Slots, but when you do: you don´t
  2. ZHureiCH

    Casinopop a tad scammy.

    So 14.07.2018 i sent the mail to Vulkanbet and on 31. i emailed you Guys. Any Chance i will get that money or some help at some Point? Feeling pretty scammed out of my 1k. No surprise in that shady Area of online Gambling, but people need to be warned they are not getting payed by your Casino of the Month.
  3. ZHureiCH

    Potential Problems with Vulkanbet Casino

    not until now, no. Will mail you. Thanx.
  4. ZHureiCH

    Casinopop a tad scammy.

    It´s been 2 Week @ Vulkanbet for me and havent heard anything from them. Can´t CD speak to representives of those Sites? Us they can just scam but since we sign up through their links i feel like they should chime in.
  5. ZHureiCH

    Casinopop a tad scammy.

    Same on Vulkanbet. they won´t even communicate for weeks if you send everything in. Lots of Scam going on in the Slot World. Kinda sad that CasinoDaddy affiliates with so many of these Sites. Making money is one thing and fine since they provide an awesome Stream, but not under all Costs imho.
  6. Hey Guys: So i deposited 100 Dollars onto the Site and received a 100% Bonus. Was lucky enough to clear the Wager and win to get to a 1k Balance ( which is max 10X cashout for the Bonus Money anyway ). I wanted to cashout and they asked for Verification. I sent them everything they had on the list and got the standart respond: "Dear player! Your documents were sent to the appropriate department for the verification. We will contact you back as soon as the process will be completed. Support team." So far so good, but that was 5 Days ago. i played on many Sites and usually this takes like 1 Day. So i mailed the support again, asking what was going on and they responded with the same pre written stuff i quoted up there. Question: Did it take so long for you Guys as well on their Site or are they trying to scam me here? i mean: i won´t play anyways since i could only lose at this point but this whole thing seems odd to me. Best regards and good luck Guys, stay safe out there. Posted this here because you advertise them as Casino of the Month as well.. Edit: Still no signs/updates from Vulkanbet. Very unprofessional Site imho. Even if it would work out at some point: can´t take this long for such an easy Task. Or you want to trick ppl into playing again by stalling. Either way: needs to be shared to the public.
  7. 29488 Euros Twitch: ZHureiCH good luck!
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    13418 Euros ZHureiCH
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    2123 Euros ZHureiCH
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    11768 Euros ( im an optimist, gogo you sexy MoFos ) ZHureiCH
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    Guessing Competition - Bonus Hunt 29/9

    24577 Euros ZHureiCH
  12. ZHureiCH

    Guessing Competition - Bonus Hunt 29/9

    13768 Euros ZHureiCH Good luck ?
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    2134 Euros ZHureiCH
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    9121 Euros ? ZHureiCH