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  1. madsiiii91

    DOA 6025x

    Får ikke sett filmen?
  2. madsiiii91

    1100x on dragons treasure 90 spins and some BOD

    Well. same here!
  3. madsiiii91

    Accidentally bet $250 in one spin..

    Haha! Congratulations! Sick win! Enjoy your money 😃
  4. madsiiii91

    1100x on dragons treasure 90 spins and some BOD

    Did you also lose the balance from Dragons Treasure? I Won 640 Euro on a 0,40 euro bet at Bonanza and went for the big stakes after.... Lost everything in just 20 minutes... So now i will have a looooong break from slots
  5. madsiiii91

    Bonanza Bonus 2x +5 ended as a 500x

    nice win man 🙂
  6. madsiiii91

    2267x on Vikings Unleashed

    Nice win mate! Did you start with 27 spins and 10 x multiplier?
  7. WTF!! These wilds man! Congratz
  8. madsiiii91

    Buffalo Win

    So i've been playing on different Casinos this weekend and had some sick hits on Buffalo Rising and Dragon's Fire. Dragon's Fire paid 1300 X 🙂
  9. madsiiii91

    Jammin Jars almost 500x, but no bonus... :(

    Well.. It's still epic based on the stake you are playing with 😉
  10. madsiiii91

    The most unlucky spin on primal

    What was the multiplier and stake??:o
  11. madsiiii91

    The most unlucky spin on primal

  12. madsiiii91

    Moon Princess Slot --Ultra Big Win-- x650

    Omg! That last spin was so epic!
  13. madsiiii91


    Haha! I love to hear this happiness of the big win! Congratz man! Enjoy the money and remember CASH IT OUT! 😉
  14. madsiiii91

    This should have been epic..... Bonanza +5 +5 +5

    omg! I would throw my computer in the occean
  15. I was also playing small bets on Millionaire and just went on to try on 4 euro stake and hit max megaways at the first spin.. Buffalo rising bonus was not bought tbh. Extra chilli was full line of purple...:-) sorry for bad post... i'm shaking.