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  1. grillkorv3n

    What happend tho?

    Thanks for that info, hope u guys sort it out soon enough.
  2. grillkorv3n

    What happend tho?

    i guess they are extremely busy by fixing this but a post takes 15 sec even by phone, bet its alot of us that wondering about whats up.
  3. grillkorv3n

    What happend tho?

    I have no idea but by now i had expected some kind of reply from the streamers about it. Kinda fishy...
  4. grillkorv3n

    What happend tho?

    no idea what did happen, daddy deleted?
  5. grillkorv3n

    Good start in 2019 / Primal 6k x basegame hit

    thats amazing, nice one !
  6. grillkorv3n

    Primal Megaways low rolling after 2 really bad weeks

    wooweh ! Nice one !!!
  7. 13410€ twitch grillkorv3n