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  1. Thanks ove my first big win ever this is real POGGERS
  2. Sup guys, my thrid deposited (20€) i get insane win i dont have all prints because i get so nervous but i go explain and try my best english (im Portuguese). I get bonus in 0.30cents after three spins on pokerstars casino. After 3 spins i get retrigger on red pyramid. And a lot of retriggers after this on mutiplier x8 (first print) in total 67 spins. Back to normal bonus and i get retrigger again on red pyramid mutiplier x2 9 spins.(second screenshot) Total win i get: 165.50€ in 86 spins! PS: all prints is on portuguese because im playing on my language.(third screenshot). Last print show all balance because i didnt get screenshot on bonus LUL (four screenshot) Much love all ❤️
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    Twitch: SskygamesS Congrats on 3 years ❤️
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  6. 17,536€ Twitch = SskygamesS Good Luck all