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  1. rise of olympus kinda paid more than i thought it could do had such a low balance back to back bonuses
  2. neetzo

    like the new trolls bridge

    its 250X for a full board wild i think, like the best symbol i got the allmost full board twice in that freespin
  3. neetzo

    immortal romance 720x

    and then follow up with pink elephants 609x
  4. neetzo

    5 scatter 429x win on Pink Elephants

    nice one buddy that game was good to me aswell today got a 609x
  5. neetzo

    immortal romance 720x

    some nice nice full lines with wilds on scamber freespins 30NOK betsize 21600NOK win
  6. neetzo

    Dark vortex 947x

    and buffalo rising with the 482x
  7. neetzo

    Dark vortex 947x

    50 freespins on journey before the 110 spins
  8. neetzo

    Dark vortex 947x

    i got a decent book of cleopatra win 463x aswell
  9. neetzo

    Dark vortex 947x

    and also vikings paying out today
  10. neetzo

    Dark vortex 947x

    and i got 110 spins on the journey of the gods with a good win