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  1. neetzo

    just a game havent seen before

    its called Diamond&Gold
  2. neetzo

    just a game havent seen before

    holy shit... didnt think it would pay that massive when i saw the hit. had no idea how much any of the symbols would give
  3. neetzo


    twitch : neetzo
  4. 5021EUR twitch neetzo
  5. neetzo


  6. neetzo

    Ninja ways! 4362X

    yeah it really was sick first it put down 2 symbols in the top end then 1 - 2 - 3 wilds then the big symbyl that spins into symbols and then i got a few from the spin 😁
  7. neetzo

    Ninja ways! 4362X

    sitting at work on my mobile had 12 freespins... 11 first payed 120kr... last freespin this happens
  8. rise of olympus kinda paid more than i thought it could do had such a low balance back to back bonuses
  9. neetzo

    like the new trolls bridge

    its 250X for a full board wild i think, like the best symbol i got the allmost full board twice in that freespin
  10. neetzo

    immortal romance 720x

    and then follow up with pink elephants 609x
  11. neetzo

    5 scatter 429x win on Pink Elephants

    nice one buddy that game was good to me aswell today got a 609x