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  1. .. way above average tilted? Just look at this gem! And could someone please do the math? Off to a long and cold shower I go. Bonanza_Nope.mp4
  2. PanzerRabbit

    1843x Win base game on 2kr spin

    Nice one! Congrats! I had the same setup but with only a Red gem on the first and connecting 9's, and some Q's and 10's. Damn, that Purple one pays a metric fuck-ton, and the Blue one doesn't suck either. 😲
  3. Some times, the game is tilting and Casumo didn't help much with the layover in the middle of it either. But all is forgotten now. 🤣 (Clickbait on) See video for further info. (Clickbait off) The_Final_Countdown_OMFGx2.mp4
  4. My biggest X hit so far. Betsize was only at €0.10 because of a Reel Race. Aaaaand that's probably why it landed... 🤣 Pirates_Plenty1188x.mp4
  5. PanzerRabbit

    Bonanza with a nice FU!

    It had 5 tries to drop 1 diamond on the 1st. They came flying in so fast on the respin that I was already half way to the bank. But meh ...
  6. PanzerRabbit

    Above average multiplier ..

    Whoops .. Guess I forgot the last one. Thanks!
  7. PanzerRabbit

    6000x on 4kr bet

    That's sick, man! Big congrats!
  8. PanzerRabbit

    I should probably retire from slots now

    That is, in a lack of a better word, insane! Congrats, man! Don't blow it all away on hats! 🤪
  9. PanzerRabbit

    Above average multiplier ..

    I already had coffee ready, so a bunch of red donuts came in handy. They were fresh. 414x return, it could have been a very insane return, but I'm happy.
  10. Twitch; PanzerRabbit
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    PanzerRabbit on Twitch. Happy 3! ❤️
  12. PanzerRabbit

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 23/04

    5528,50 Euros PanzerRabbit
  13. PanzerRabbit

    Guessing Competition 22/4

    4270,50 Euros PanzerRabbit