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  1. ShawSlots

    6600x bonus hit on Danger! High Voltage

    Hoooly shit congrats!! what was the multiplier?? If that was on 66x that would be the max possible win i believe
  2. ShawSlots

    100.000 x

    sooo trolled but awwwwwww congrats to both of ye mate
  3. ShawSlots

    7000 x Raging Rhino

    Hoooly shit nice one dude! Maybe WMS still have hope in competition as a provider 😂
  4. ShawSlots

    300 Shields Extreme 3051x

    Insane hit @thrince Congrats
  5. Paddy Power Redbet Winning Room
  6. ShawSlots

    Jammin Jars - Big Win (Min Bet)

    Min bet but no complaints. First hit on this in a while
  7. ShawSlots

    29 560x on DOA2

    I was like no way its BOD lol Sick win mate congrats
  8. Fuckin love this reaction Not my video btw just sharing it
  9. ShawSlots

    Garga coming when stream starts

    Sick hit mate congrats! 790x btw
  10. ShawSlots

    1500 x on napoleon basegame

    Holy shit! this slot is nuts right gz mate
  11. ShawSlots

    Big win 2200x

    gz dude
  12. ShawSlots

    Pimped One line 20c Bet

    Wasnt gonna record it but this happened