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  1. ShawSlots

    53936x win DoA2

    Holy shit dude thats pure boner material! Big congrats!enjoy that cash :D
  2. ShawSlots

    1015x on Books and Bulls

    Awesome hut @L_u_n_e_Z congrats
  3. ShawSlots

    I should probably retire from slots now

    Holy shit dude you been killing it! @labido711 Massive congrats and hope you spend that cash wisely
  4. ShawSlots

    10273 euro win on 0,80 euro bet!!!!!!!12841X

    Hols hit! Sick win dude congrats
  5. €4162 ShawSlots
  6. ShawSlots

    ALMOST 1600x!

    Nice hit mate! its 1600x ish though did you title wrong? @Nzne
  7. ShawSlots

    x13090 win on Extra chilli

    Wow @berky_ Insane hit! Congrats
  8. ShawSlots

    12 299X on Jammin Jars

    HOOOOLY SHIT!! Big congrats @Dr0tz 😎
  9. ShawSlots

    How about this for a save? LUL

    Sick win mate! Congrats @IrritantVentjee
  10. ShawSlots

    my bigest win so far

    sick wins there mate pure slot porn and you even got the full screen explorer Congrats @casinofidde
  11. ShawSlots

    it is not my win bot my littel brother:)

    WOW! Wtf did he hit?? @bezzzen
  12. ShawSlots

    5 Golden dude 1 euro bet

    Sexy hit @MartinRed Congrats
  13. ShawSlots

    Show me a bigger starburst win!

    lol nice win mate almost the max! Had this on free rounds 10c bet