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  1. ShawSlots

    My biggest win yet

    Sick win mate congrats
  2. ShawSlots

    3288x on DOA 2

    Sick dude! Congrats
  3. ShawSlots

    Massive Win!

    Holy shit! Congrats mate enjoy that cash
  4. ShawSlots

    Finally Steamtower pays 425x

    did you forget the pic?
  5. ShawSlots

    75544x on DoA2

    Insane win 😮 Big Congrats!
  6. ShawSlots

    big win on lucky lady charm 6!

    Sweet win mate congrats
  7. Pity its not real funds but still a sweet hit! The slot has potential
  8. I did OVE 1st place 125 euro
  9. One Line King? 😎😂
  10. ShawSlots

    1150x on gold of persia , 1000x in 1 spin

    Clean hit! Nice one
  11. ShawSlots

    1 Miljon

    OMFG dude wow! Big congrats @mrmelin
  12. ShawSlots

    Genie Jackpots Megaways

    1st €100 buy. Very surprised
  13. ShawSlots

    Genie Jackpots Megaways

    to be honest im not I just seem to hit streaks
  14. ShawSlots

    Cats And Cash - Decent hit on 3 Lines

    Thanks Brolos
  15. ShawSlots


    haha nice one
  16. ShawSlots

    Insane bonus on dragons fire

    Wow! Insane win mate congrats
  17. ShawSlots

    Hi, wanna be gambler here

    Welcome to the forum :) @abbasrizvi918
  18. ShawSlots

    Pimped - Mega Line Hit

  19. ShawSlots

    Pimped - Mega Line Hit

    Thanks bros @OvE @MichaelTavic
  20. ShawSlots

    Withdrawal from Sloty

    Sometimes its best to. it always sucks though.. Wish you good luck in the future mate :)
  21. ShawSlots

    5789x on Dead or Alive 2 (no wild line)

    Insane win mate congrats!
  22. ShawSlots

    New BTG

    Nice one dude