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  1. sick hit dude! congrats @Wormweed
  2. Lots pf dead spins but still sick win! enjoy
  3. ShawSlots

    Online casinos...real or fake?

    you must be new to casino? Welcome 😂
  4. ShawSlots


    All fake streamers promote there brands.. Q. Why? A. Because they allow them to.
  5. Woweh!!!! did you get that in cash? Kappa @ricobons
  6. ShawSlots


    Sweet hit @Ardde congrats
  7. ShawSlots

    A good big win

    Sweet hit congrats @thefinntrucker
  8. ShawSlots

    Massive win on Book Of Oz - 2000x

    Massive congrats Also welcome to the forum? @Nmbr7red
  9. ShawSlots

    Had 7k, asked chat what to do, they said keep gambling

    HOLY SHIT!!! fookin massive hit mate congrats! Big withdraw??
  10. In 2019 if casinos are not friendly for all 3 then there not good enough. To be brutally honest at least @Luke1331
  11. ShawSlots

    Wonky does it big :)

    Sick hit @dirktatorp72 them tabs tho
  12. ShawSlots

    bonanza 8000x - 0.4eu bet

    holy shit @cokolino777 Massive one! Congrats
  13. ShawSlots

    Starburst Free Spins

    3 stars tho that's only happened 1 time before for me 😂 Almost the max win 😂 It paid over 300x after the respin
  14. ShawSlots

    Millionaire BIG WIN

    sick win @ricxko congrats
  15. Very rare clip here. Usually get no features and no big win
  16. ShawSlots

    Primal Megaways low rolling after 2 really bad weeks

    Awesome @Wormweed Grats!
  17. ShawSlots

    not huge but nice

    Awesome hit @Riizeyy congrats
  18. ShawSlots

    3000x on Break Da Bank Again.

    hahaha that reaction mate priceless 😂 GG fam 😎
  19. ShawSlots

    Vampires - Wild/Girl Line, 3rd spin of bonus!

    wow sick hit mate congrats
  20. ShawSlots

    Just a 1437x misclick

    wow lol congrats mate thats sexy
  21. ShawSlots

    Book of ra

    Hoooooooooly shit bro the Holy Grail right there Big congrats