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  1. eazymode142

    75544x on DoA2

    Congratulations, a once in a lifetime win!! You should really do what people here suggest, and don't put any of that money back in!!
  2. eazymode142

    Withdrawal from Sloty

    Alright, I admit my defeat! Thanks for your reply guys! ❤️
  3. eazymode142

    Withdrawal from Sloty

    Hello everyone, I would just want to confirm if the casino did the right thing or not. I was playing on Sloty for the first time using their first deposit bonus, so I had a wager on the money and a max bet of 5 euro per spin. While switching games and trying to find something to win big on (they do not have a lot of different slots, only Netent and Yggdrasil) I got in to a game that had a very odd setup, so while fixing the bet I accidently bet 125 euro for 1 spin, on which I didn't win a a thing, it was a complete deadspin. I manage to wager the bonus and end up with 1210euro (the deposit was 300euro + 300euro bonus). Now they have canceled my withdrawal and put back 300euro to my account. Should I accept my mistake or is there something I can do? It is after all 910 euro which I felt I won, all but for a simple mistake that actually made them loose 125 euro less. Have a good evening!
  4. eazymode142

    1220x on 20 euro betsize

    frickin' epic, congratulations! Take them and fly!
  5. eazymode142

    6000x on 4kr bet

    did you go for the left or right bonus? Gratz
  6. eazymode142

    Above average multiplier ..

    Haha good one! Maybe if you brew stronger coffee the purple ones will pay you a visit next time 😜
  7. eazymode142


    Hope to see some real degen wins today! Will the wildline come on Knight's life? I guess we will have to find out! For the giveaway ❤️ twitchname: Eazymode142
  8. eazymode142

    Guessing Competition 22/4

    5867euro Eazymode142
  9. 4798Euro Twitchname: Eazymode142
  10. eazymode142

    CasinoDaddy Exclusive Chair GIVEAWAY

    eazymode142 ^name on twitch
  11. Okey, thanks for the tip Tussilago! I also found it on Uniquecasino, but I think their limit to maximum withdraw of 1500euro per week to low. I do hope they remake their games and launch them again, cause they had some really fun slots with big potentialé!!
  12. Since the new regulations on casino gambling in Sweden, I've noticed that a lot of sites have closed my favourite slot Knight's Life from Merkur. Is there anyone that know if it ever will come back for us? And while waiting, is there some sites that still offers it, even for us Swedes? Yours fully Mr Degen
  13. eazymode142

    Big win Chilli

    That's a nice one right there! Gratz
  14. eazymode142

    Great start 2019

    Some nice hits you got there! What is the first slots name on the first picture?