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  1. eazymode142

    Phoenix Fire Power Reels Big Win Only Took 4 Spins To Trigger!

    are we looking at the same clip? Sure looks like it's a 8euro bet and a 2200euro win, coming out as a 275x. @Jackpot Wins congratulations! To bad line 3 and 4 didn't collaborate better for some juicy full lines, I wonder how much that would've been
  2. eazymode142


    Congratulations for that hit! Was it with the ATTAAAAAAACK feature, or just a normal spin?
  3. eazymode142

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 07/08

    10411,2 Euro! Twitchname: eazymode142 Godspeed
  4. eazymode142

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 05/08

    8745,2 euro! Twitchname: eazymode142
  5. eazymode142

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 28/07

    10514,3 euro twitchname: eazymode142 GL!
  6. eazymode142

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 26/07

    6874,4 Euro Twitchname: eazymode142 Hope you will win more than my guess!
  7. eazymode142


    ebro with 2977 euro twitchname: eazymode142
  8. eazymode142

    6 x scatter

    Alright cool! Win looks juicy, congratz!
  9. eazymode142

    6 x scatter

    Is there freespins after or what does it give? I haven't seen that game before. And isn't it 6x scatters?
  10. eazymode142

    75544x on DoA2

    Congratulations, a once in a lifetime win!! You should really do what people here suggest, and don't put any of that money back in!!
  11. eazymode142

    Withdrawal from Sloty

    Alright, I admit my defeat! Thanks for your reply guys! ❤️
  12. eazymode142

    Withdrawal from Sloty

    Hello everyone, I would just want to confirm if the casino did the right thing or not. I was playing on Sloty for the first time using their first deposit bonus, so I had a wager on the money and a max bet of 5 euro per spin. While switching games and trying to find something to win big on (they do not have a lot of different slots, only Netent and Yggdrasil) I got in to a game that had a very odd setup, so while fixing the bet I accidently bet 125 euro for 1 spin, on which I didn't win a a thing, it was a complete deadspin. I manage to wager the bonus and end up with 1210euro (the deposit was 300euro + 300euro bonus). Now they have canceled my withdrawal and put back 300euro to my account. Should I accept my mistake or is there something I can do? It is after all 910 euro which I felt I won, all but for a simple mistake that actually made them loose 125 euro less. Have a good evening!
  13. eazymode142

    1220x on 20 euro betsize

    frickin' epic, congratulations! Take them and fly!