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  1. MichaelTavic

    Dead or Alive 2. 9p bet.

    That is a really nice win, amazing man Congratulations!
  2. MichaelTavic

    doa2 betfair first day release

    wow, insane win there, congratulations
  3. MichaelTavic

    When you retrigger, then do it like this :)

    That is a nice one bro Congrats
  4. MichaelTavic

    My first Wild Desire 1170x

    That is a really nice one, congrats bro
  5. MichaelTavic

    DoA 1 wild line min bet

    wow, nice one Congrats
  6. MichaelTavic

    ❉ Ogges twin? ❉

    Someone in chat said that Ogge looks like the Finnish prankster/goofball Jarno Laasala. Well, I can see his point, they share some similarities. What do you guys think? Is Jarno the long lost twin of Ogge?
  7. MichaelTavic

    BOD 2000x+

    Nice one, congrats
  8. MichaelTavic

    fullscreen explorer on 10 cent .. so happy

    Damn! Nice one bro, congrats How much was the total win?
  9. MichaelTavic

    Dragon Fire over 2000 X

    This game can pay really good, I see you experienced it too Congratulations!
  10. MichaelTavic

    temple tumble big win

    Nice one, congrats man
  11. MichaelTavic

    Big hit on Videoslots

    Woweh, congrats bro
  12. MichaelTavic

    Book of Scamazbirds

    Nice one, gratz
  13. MichaelTavic

    Garga coming when stream starts

    Nice one, congrats
  14. MichaelTavic

    1000x book of oz

    Nice one! Congratulations
  15. MichaelTavic


    Nice one, congrats