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  1. MichaelTavic

    Big Win Bj

    So nice bro, congrats
  2. MichaelTavic

    Full Screen Explorer BoD

    That's really nice and that you made the wager and cashed out, good job
  3. MichaelTavic

    Hi from Moscow

    Hello there Russian friend, welcome and hope you will enjoy the best community on Twitch!
  4. How much will all the bonuses pay in total?* Huntend: €5175 *note that your guess is about what the bonuses will pay with the money used - the guess is not about what the final balance will be. Balance not used will be deducted at the end for an accurate result. The closest 3 guesses will get an awesome prize! 1st: €100 RAW CASH 2nd: 700 DaddyPoints 3rd: 500 DaddyPoints Write guess (€) and twitch username to enter the competition. ●●●► IF YOU THINK YOU'RE THE WINNER AND WANT TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE CONTACT LIMGA ON FORUM/TWITCH. ●●●► IF YOU DON'T CONTACT LIMGA WITHIN 24 HOURS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PRIZE!! ●●●► RAW CASH WINNINGS CAN ONLY BE PAID TO A SKRILL ACCOUNT RULES: You can only guess ONCE. You can edit your answer up until the thread is closed. See the current stats for the bonus hunt here ●●●► Stats Combined Start: €9000 Casino Jefe Start: €9000 Hunter: Ogge Total Bonuses: See live here Total to break even: MATH IS HARD
  5. MichaelTavic

    All Symbols on Rise of Merlin 2562x

    So nice win bro, congrats
  6. MichaelTavic

    Napoleon BIG win

    Nice one bro, congrats
  7. MichaelTavic

    Love this slot

    So nice! and the potential there is insane. Congrats bro
  8. MichaelTavic

    Bonus Buy on Chillipop saved me

    Nice win there, congrats bro
  9. MichaelTavic

    4651x Lil Devil

    That is really nice, congratulations bro
  10. MichaelTavic

    2400x Keno win @ 30 NOK

    Nice one! big congrats bro
  11. MichaelTavic

    5550x on Dragons Fire MEGAWAYS

    Very nice win, congrats
  12. MichaelTavic

    Dont ever play at wild tornado casino

    Unfortunatly if it's stated in the terms and conditions that you can do max 1 euro bet, then you will never get right against them if you did higher bets. Especially if it's a less known casino I guess. It is VERY important to read and follow the terms and conditions when you play on a bonus balance.
  13. MichaelTavic

    Multifruit 81bigwin (614x) and reactoonz babygarga (805x)

    Nice wins bro, congrats Very cool with the small gargas giving you that insane win!
  14. MichaelTavic

    Biggest x-hit of a lifetime 12300x :D

    wow, such a neat win! congrats bro
  15. MichaelTavic

    WOWWWEEHH 10000x Moneytrain on LEO!!

    Nice one, congrats