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  1. MichaelTavic

    Too much luck on Queen of Riches?

    ouch, that is some nice wins bro congrats
  2. MichaelTavic

    Riders of the Storm 1539x

    Yeah that.. was a good win congrats bro!
  3. MichaelTavic

    1618x Garga

    Nice one bro! really sweet congrats
  4. MichaelTavic

    Big Coin win Razor Shark

    Nice one, congrats
  5. MichaelTavic

    48 Spins Rise of Merlin

    Nice one! congrats bro
  6. MichaelTavic

    Dead or alive 2 8714x

    oh my god, that is such a nice win!! Congrats bro
  7. MichaelTavic

    Napoleon Base Game

    Nice one, congrats
  8. MichaelTavic

    Jammin Jars x1850 on 6€ bet

    Just look at the jars there, such a sick potential! Big congrats bro such a good win
  9. MichaelTavic

    Viking Runecraft 3172X

    That is a really good win, congrats to your brother
  10. MichaelTavic

    hit the major heart

    wow, that is a great win! congrats man
  11. MichaelTavic

    New €4000 RAW CASH giveaway!

    Love this!! such a nice initiative
  12. MichaelTavic

    13 Spins in Dog House can't pay?

    That is a nice setup! Congrats bro, such a nice win
  13. MichaelTavic

    Monday slots - Neverhit - various wins.

    So many nice wins, congrats man good job
  14. MichaelTavic

    Another Monday at work grinding :)

    This is one degen man I can tell! Btw, you have the bonus on Doa2!
  15. MichaelTavic

    300 Extreme :)

    Almost 800x there, very nice, congrats bro
  16. MichaelTavic

    Razor shark 2500X GOLD COIN!!!

    Oh, so the 2500 coin DO exist Very nice, congrats bro!
  17. Today the master of flute, the fantastic storyteller Ogge, turns 25! I wish you a wicked, crazy and happy birthday my friend! And many, many more to come ❤
  18. MichaelTavic

    300 Shields Big Win

    wow, that's a great win, over 2000x congrats man
  19. MichaelTavic

    5000x Book of dead

    That is pretty damn beautiful! Congrats bro! So the total win was 50k sek? Did you make a cashout?
  20. MichaelTavic

    3 big wins at 1 day

    You had some luck on the slots today bro, congrats
  21. MichaelTavic

    Shadow oder 916c

    Nice one! Congrats bro
  22. MichaelTavic

    4051x at a local casino (California)

    That is sick too bro, very nice win
  23. MichaelTavic

    4051x at a local casino (California)

    Wow, that is SOME win bro! Congratulations
  24. MichaelTavic

    Garga hit like massive hurricane !!X2 with 16x Pink

    That is a lot of Pinks! gratz