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  1. primal_swee

    Bonkersbet issues

    Hi, Did anyone experienced any glitches and similar issues while playing on Bonkersbet? The other day I had my balance disappear in the morning, and it went from 220 Euro to 0.00 Eur. It came back only the other day. Anyone had some similar experiences with Bonkers?
  2. There is an agent site I use to get a bit around the law (not break it, just go different path). I get 15% deposit bonus for every deposit. I like to do higher bets and higher deposits so it's quite good for me. It doesn't have a Swedish licence but I still can deposit, get my bonuses, and most importantl i get my cash-out pretty quickly. If you want some info, I can share it in private message. All you gotta do is ask
  3. primal_swee

    Unibet new logo

    Anything is better than the old one