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  1. J_Far

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 04/08

    472 000 € J_Far
  2. Jesus ofc, 3875 euro Twitch: J_Far
  3. FeelsMixedFeelingsMan
  4. J_Far

    GIVEAWAY - 2 Stag watches!

    https://www.stagwatches.se/produkt/swblack01se/ J_Far
  5. J_Far

    Decent hits shall continue

    Start: Won yesterdays race and got 150 free spins on 0.30 stake. Wager completed
  6. J_Far

    Doing amazing run

    Insert image from URL
  7. J_Far

    Doing amazing run

    Thanks mate Things changed a little bit after chip ended stream, I still havent fallen to 1000 euros. I currently have 6500 euros on balance. I had +200x with 10 eur bet on knights life and just had +400x on 10eur bet on gold of persia. #stillshaking
  8. J_Far

    Doing amazing run

    Deposit: 50 Eur Got 347x on Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 on 1 eur stake, then 100x on 5 eur stake. Went dream catcher and won 7x 10 paid ~430 euros. Now this on donuts. Probably should cash 1000 out
  9. J_Far

    Knights Life Linehit

    Yeah mate I kinda did, I have only 1 casino with 50 eur monthly limit.. at least limited it!