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  1. Tussilago

    3640x extra chilli

    So bought a Chilli bonus for 100sek gambled to 16 spins and hit this #stillshaking
  2. 5551 eur twitch : tussilago87
  3. 711 eur twitch:tussilago87
  4. Tussilago

    1838x on BTG Holy Diver (Level 3 bonus)

    so it actually can pay :P, nice win congratz
  5. Tussilago

    Win a Casinodaddy Meetup

    There is already a meetup You can buy for points in the store
  6. Tussilago

    What happend tho?

    first the regulations, now this. 2019 starting out just great
  7. Tussilago

    Slow slots.

    well i guess you are from sweden and the new regulations has made that there has to be a 3second delay between each spin for swedish players. thats why the slots are slow, its not implemented on all slots yet, on novomatics you can still quickspin but i guess that will be removed also.
  8. 4936 eur twitch: tussilago87
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