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  1. jackherrier

    3500x Extra Chilli, Purples Galore

    thanks! damn that would have been something haha
  2. jackherrier

    3500x Extra Chilli, Purples Galore

    Well, just had my highest win ever 2 days ago of 3052x on deadwood beaten by this one Crazy to think it wasnt even full lines and still paid over 3000x by itself (purple hit) 40 cent bonus buy on leovegas. one retrigger. Purple hit is around 3:03/4 so you can forward the video Extra Chilli 3500x.mp4
  3. jackherrier

    My biggest win to date Deadwood Double Badge +3000x win

    thanks Just got 3.5kx on Extra Chili will upload it now haha!
  4. Played on Bitcasino.io. Bet size is equal to the .20 cent € bet size (lowest). Win is the same as winning 600€ from 20 cents (14.2 € buy) Bonus buy. My biggest win yet. 3000x deadwood.mp4
  5. jackherrier

    Huge 41,300x Win! Lightning Link Grand Jackpot

    damn man! congrats! Nice way to start the year
  6. jackherrier

    Honey Rush 1163x

    After some bad luck finally got a nice hit
  7. jackherrier

    Razor Shark 100 coin on 28x

    Damn dude, congrats. I have been grinding that slot for so long. But in the last 25 bonuses, its been 80-90% 0-5x haha!
  8. jackherrier

    Razor Shark went nuts

    gz dude! one of my favorite games atm.
  9. jackherrier

    1552x on Garga :D

    Thanks bro. Yea it really was. I have a bottom line, so I will cash out most of it I currently can't log into leo vegas. Catching a connecting flight in the US. Is there a reason why I cant log in? Edit: Apparently Leo is not usable in the states.
  10. jackherrier

    1552x on Garga :D

    Sorry If thats confusing. Its a screenshot of my history on Leovegas. I didnt manage to grab one during/after the viking clash bonus. It shows every spin. 3€ is the bet size 2731,20€ is the win
  11. jackherrier

    1552x on Garga :D

    Today must be my lucky day. 6.2k balante all the sudden. haha.
  12. jackherrier

    1552x on Garga :D

    Got 15x pink in base game, then right after garga hits 15x pink again :D Insane!
  13. jackherrier

    2061.5x Book of dead :)

    Thanks guys! :)
  14. jackherrier

    2061.5x Book of dead :)

    FIrst big win ever :) 5 Pharaohs! Too bad it was 40 cent spins haha!
  15. jackherrier

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 26/07

    10455€ jackherrier