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    Locowin - unethical business practices?

    Dear unluckyBonus123 I have reviewed your case and can see that a majority of the gameplay was performed in slots which are strictly forbidden to play with an active bonus, the list of forbidden slots(with an active bonus) consists of around 30 out of 800 available slots. It is unfortunate that you did not read this particular term beforehand when accepting the terms and conditions of our website but due to the severity of the breach we can’t make an exception in this case. At the moment it is not technically possible for us to block or warn players from entering a game that is prohibited to play with an active bonus in the way that you describe. However, as we always strive to improve our casino I have submitted your input to the relevant department, to try to find a way that we can make the players more aware about the terms and conditions that applies when playing with an active bonus. We don’t actively promote any of the games found on the list of forbidden games to play with an active bonus, though the algorithm for the game browser favours the last played games and will put these among the games displayed on top of your game browser. Locowin would like to thank you for your input and feedback and helping us on our quest to always continue to improve our casino. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly live support or reach out via e-mail at support@hd.locowin.com in case you have any further questions or concerns. Best regards, Locowin casino,