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  1. This is so bad! Once you register on a casino, you give your information.. and then the next weeks, you will get spam offers from other casinos. CASINOS sell your information to other casinos. Do NOT give your personal info to them, it's unreliable.
  2. Hello my name is Mark and i want to warn you guys. Gambling is a lot of fun, and the games are challenging you to win, and thats all good and fun for the first few times you deposit 10 or 20 euro, but there will be a big problem after you do this. You will deposit more. I want to tell you my store and how my situation is right now, i am on this moment broke.. i thought i could win the money, but i didn't. I'm here now explaining how it feels to lose everything and how to think on how to spend the money on food and bills. DO NOT USE YOUR MONEY ON SLOTS AND THINK YOU CAN WIN! This is a big disclaimer. I thought i could win it back but i lost it all, and now i'm having to spend every cent to keep spending it on bills.. i'm so stupid, dumb and don't even read my own tips. You know why? Because i drink, and then something inside me says... oh let's go man, just 10 euro, that 10 turns into 200 and bye bye grocery money. Stop doing this guys, don't be like me.. don';t be a stupid person. Just gamble with the money you CAN spend, and not the money you SHOULD spend. Please be careful, i will recover in a few months,. but this hurts. A lot. for me. Look out, don't be like me. Thanks
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