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  2. hi all! i like the POTM hunt as a competition between the bros. but on the ROTM side, i dont like that you become it randomly. my suggestion: write down each session result per month. those can be seen with a command in chat (!monthname). then you see something like that: now you can really see who's ripping and who's not. no more guessing what average loss/win for any streamer would be. the moderators keep track of the results. example of a session (new month, so no win/loss so far): let's say ante starts up a casino site with no balance on it. he deposits 1k, and rips. his result gets updated with -1k (-1k total). he does another deposit of 1k. this time he goes up to 7k, and does a cashout of 5k. his result gets updated with +5k (+4k total). he plays with the 2k that are left. he ends his stream later, with a balance of 2.2k. that will be treated like a cashout, so that's +2.2k (+6.6k total). jesuz comes in an takes over those 2.2k. this will be seen as his deposit. now it's the same procedure again. what do you think about it? cheers! nicc
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