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  1. If it was against the rules, it should be in the ToS section, but it's not. Please see that they confirmed that buying bonuses is okay with bonus money: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Full transcript of the conversation, click here.
  2. Hello, I would like to inform you about this casino and how bad it is and to stay away from it. They canceled my withdrawal saying that I didn't follow the General Bonus terms. I was buying bonuses on some slots and then they said it's against TOS, no real explanation just that I don't follow the TOS, but in the Terms of Services it didn't say that it's against it. My max bet was 1.2EUR and the maximum that you can bet with the bonus is 5EUR. Here you can read my experience with this casino, click here. At first, they say that buying bonuses is okay with bonus money, but if you do it they'll cancel your winnings which makes no sense.
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