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  1. Papandreou Panagiotis

    Betchan casino. Problem to log in my account not solved for more than 30 hours

    Almost 50 hours after my problem occurred and still no solution. I politely reminded to support my issue and they keep telling me that I have to wait until their technical department find a solution and that they will contact me via email. Needless to say that I keep trying to reset password but still all the links I receive redirect me to a page that server cannot be found or even if I edit the link according to their instructions to a page inside the casino that cannot be found or does no longer exist. Very disappointed from their support on such a simple problem. I am not very optimistic about a happy ending on my issue since they do not seem very willing to resolve the problem. In the end I will have to ask them close my account so at least I won't be worried about data fraud. Any advice on the issue from someone experiencing same problems in the past?
  2. I decided to write this topic as I see that casinodaddy which I watch and support for the last years is affiliate to Betchan site and promoting them. Yesterday I registered their site and deposited taking the welcome deposit bonus. After losing first deposit redeposited and took the second deposit bonus available. We are a talking about 70 euro deposit in total and 50 euro in bonuses. With my second deposit I managed to get a win, in the same slot using the same bet size since my first spin, and increase balance to almost 135 euro.So as I had a 2 hours work I logged out. After finishing work tried to log in again to my account to continue having some slots fun. And then the '' party '' started. Password invalid after 2 or 3 times trying to log in. OK maybe I missclicked a letter or number while registering so I tried to reset my password. Since then I have received about 15 mails for reseting password with an invalid link. IP adress sent via their emails for reseting password refer to an adrees no longer existing. Ok so I contact support via live chat asking for help. For 2 hours support keep telling me clear cache and cookies change browsers and manually sending me new emails for reseting password which all referred to an invalid page no longer in use. I explained them this situation and provided all the screenshots. They advised me to manually change some numbers in the link they were sending me but that did not work either and when it finally worked I was gone to betchan33.com adress with a message saying sorry page you search not existing anymore or has problems working and we are sorry for that. So after all this inconvenience they told me contact support via email. By this time I had already talked with 2 or 3 support agents via live chat telling that alternative way to reset my password could not be given via live chat. OK I continue to follow instructions and send e mail to support page of the casino.l explaining the situation providing all the screenshots proving my problem to reset password and log in to my account which has some my personal information credit card number and an amount of money not withdrawable yet but legally played until then. They told me that their dedicated team would take care of my issue and inform me SOON for further solution. Hours passing by without any news and decide to reopen the ticket to support and tell them that I really need a solution as I don't feel very safe having an account with my personal details credit card number and some money at which I do not have the chance to log in and change the password to a new one that I know. Data fraud and illegal activities may happen as soon as the problem remains unsolved and I am not able to access my account. They told me several times to wait. I politely reminded that I only ask for alternative way to reset password and that is sure not a serious problem that we have to cope with. They told me about investigation on the issue never expalianing why such a case has to be investigated. Today I resend email to support asking if they are willing to help or or should I start writing the issue on forums because their support although very kind does not seem to be helpful and all that waiting made me frustrated and impatient. They finally told after 5 emails telling me that soon someone will deal with my problem that technical support will have to investigate issue and I will have news by Monday - Tuesday or even earlier. As I heve been playing to other online casinos and to N1 operated casinos on the past this is the first time I have to deal with an issue like that and I am really out of patience. I will have been denied access to my account for more than 3 days until Monday as they told me and all that because I may have miss clicked a button at my registration setting password. This is something that can happen to anyone and their support although their reseting password links do not work properly do not have the willing to help me resolve such a problem. Sorry for the long text but I really had to share this bad experience with your forum. I am really out of patience and start to thing that this online casino is not a safe choice.
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    Feed 'em to the pigs- Deadwood

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    Wildline on DOA2

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    Huge maya win (extra bet disabled)

    2 weeks ago i tried playing book of maya without extra bet.. And this beauty happened
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    Crazy bonus pharaos ring

    Thanx a lot man
  7. Papandreou Panagiotis

    Crazy bonus pharaos ring

  8. Papandreou Panagiotis