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  1. After having my biggest lost in the past week, I don't usually gamble much, but I got carried away. First deposit on a new site out of boredom, made a $25 deposit with a 50% bonus, got up to $70 and played away for a few hours, didn't complete wager. Made a second deposit without wager for $50, went up and down for like 3 hours, managed to get back to my initial deposits and I was getting close to just withdrawing and breaking even, but I thought I'd just try DOA2 again with a low bet and I only hoped to get 1 bonus but since my money wasn't moving much I stuck it up until I got 4 and then this happened, I couldn't grab my camera fast enough, got a few pics of it being a low balance, then in came the wilds, it was counting up F O R E V E R.... I had 9 spins to get that WILD on the fourth reel and it just never happened. My balance moved from $210 to over $1200 from just getting 4 multiplied wilds with the Sherrif Badge, I was litterally shaking LMAO IMAGINE IF I GOT THAT FOURTH WILD WITH THIS SETUP????? It would of actually been life changing for me like you wouldn't believe, but still this was a HUGE shock and it's helped out my finances and troubles. Made a withdraw after a couple more bonus rounds and the balance hardly moved, just waiting on them to verify my account, fingers crossed now.