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  1. killer8119

    Big win on Dragon fire 2448x

    Yes 2000Eur
  2. killer8119

    Big win on Dragon fire 2448x

    Sick win on dragon Fire i hit efter the bonus was clear only hit 110Eur in the bonuse
  3. 11600€ killer8119
  4. killer8119

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 04/08

    4676€ Twitch >> killer8119
  5. killer8119

    600X win on Opal Fruits

    5kr bet wid sick start up.
  6. killer8119

    1 Miljon

    OMG congrats dude
  7. killer8119

    DOA2!! 7900X with 0.18€ bet

    nice win dude
  8. killer8119

    Diamond mine 1800x

  9. killer8119

    New Pragmatic hit 500x