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  1. 11360 Euro Twitch Tiimy92
  2. High ride

    900x Flame Buster

    Thank you almighty daddys
  3. High ride

    900x Flame Buster

    Thanks Bro
  4. High ride

    900x Flame Buster

    I had never played this slot before, then Boom!
  5. So i landed this 5 scatters in the freespin bonus 4 days ago and won 1600x .. (i posted it here on forum, check it out) And Today it happend again! i cant believe it so happy (10kr = 1 euro)
  6. High ride

    1600x Madame destiny (5 scatters)

    I landed 5 scatters in the freespins wich payed 1500x. i didnt screenshot it, i was to slow and too shocked ;o
  7. 13371 euro Tiimy92
  8. 11327 Euro Tiimy92
  9. High ride


    Ogge 2986 euro Tiimy92
  10. High ride

    6 x scatter

    Yes you get free spins after and gets payed by the scatters. its a very new game you should try it it was kinda cool 😃 and Yes haha its 6x you right i typed wrong my bad 😛
  11. High ride

    6 x scatter