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  1. So, I opened an account a couple of months ago at Leovegas, I have been playing without a problem and been withdrawing UNTIL THIS WEEKEND!! This weekend I withdrew an amount of 6500 SEK (roughly 650 euro) and suddenly my account was blocked.. Now this made me wonder, what is happening? I went to the live support, and they cant give me any information.. They only refer me to the rule 2.1.9 "2.1.9 LeoVegas may at its own discretion and without having to provide any justification, refuse to open an account or close an existing account. However, all contractual obligations already made will be honoured." And today I asked them yet again WHY? I wanna know a reason why u steal my initial deposit and now my winnings? Then they replied me with this e-mail https://imgur.com/SVvfTSE And I was like hold up a minute, Open or attempt to Open more than one account? I never had an account before and I asked her what is my old account then? She said "Let me see" then suddenly it takes another turn, she doesnt reply with the 1.14 rule (as you can see in the first screenshot) she refers me AGAIN to the 2.1.9 rule, it seems like she didnt find ANY account that I have opened before? I even told that it might been a hacker maybe who has opened account in my name ? I have read alot about this where hackers open account in random names and try to either steal money from other peoples cards/accounts. So now she doesnt even reply me about this and just refers to the 2.1.9 rule again and just arrogantly says "its like this you are not welcome to play here anymore" So this my friends is how casinos scam the shit out of you LEGALLY and Immoral In the pictures below you can see the whole conversation I had with "Ebba" from LeoVegas (its in swedish tho https://imgur.com/a/frThTRZ