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  1. OvE

    6665 x DOA 2 /

    woweh, what a nice doa2 win bro insane hit, gratz
  2. OvE

    600X win on Opal Fruits

    holy crap, didnt know u could get more then one x10 gratz bro
  3. OvE

    DoA2 big win

    woweh, another one with doa2. imagine hitting a wildline with so many x-wilds gratz bro
  4. OvE

    1000x bonanza

    boomeh, nice win bro gratz
  5. hahahaha made me LOL irl good juan bro
  6. OvE

    Book of Merlin 1687x 10x retrigger INSANE!

    woweh what a bonus bro gratz
  7. OvE

    Great Win

    woweh, what a win gratz bro
  8. OvE

    Doa 2 5 scatters

    woweh, 5 scatter curse na but what a hit bro gratz
  9. OvE

    DOA 2 2477x

    woweh, i love these doa2 wins gratz bro
  10. OvE

    76 Spins Epic Win Temple Tumble

    boomeh, so many spins bro gratz
  11. OvE

    How to watch

    living life bro
  12. OvE

    Jesus Is Back! - Clip

    Jesus ❤️
  13. OvE

    2300x on tombstone

    woweh, what a nice bonus gratz
  14. OvE

    Almost 900x

    boomeh, what a nice win, small pic doe gratz
  15. OvE

    More than x2000- Ancient Egypt Classic

    woweh, what a nice hit bro gratz
  16. OvE

    Almost 3000x Da vinci

    great vid bro
  17. hahahaa yeah now thats how u react to a nice win like that epic
  18. OvE

    Dead or Alive 2. 9p bet.

    holy mother of god, what a crazy win bro big gratz
  19. OvE

    doa2 betfair first day release

    woweh, doa2 is freaking insane gratz bro
  20. OvE

    My first Wild Desire 1170x

    woweh, 4 wild reels is really rare nice hit bro and gratz
  21. OvE

    Almost 3000x Da vinci

    sweet bro
  22. OvE

    DoA 1 wild line min bet

    boomeh, nice wildline bro gratz
  23. OvE

    9kr/0,9Euro bet 1094x, DoA 2

    boomeh, nice win bro, love doa2 gratz
  24. OvE

    ❉ Ogges twin? ❉

    Ogge, the 5th dudeson