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  1. OvE

    600x Base game

    its a boomeh, nice hit
  2. OvE

    8472X DOA2 Bonus

    WOWEH really nikce hit, congratz
  3. OvE

    151x on da vinci's xd

    nice juan
  4. OvE

    3500x DoA 2

    woweh, nice win bud
  5. OvE

    Big hit DOA2

    nice juan
  6. OvE

    DoA2 Big win 3387x

    boomeh, nice win
  7. OvE

    Phoenix reborn

    hehe sweet win
  8. OvE

    Megawin on millionaire!

    woweh, congratz
  9. OvE

    game of thrones

    nice win
  10. OvE

    Phoenix Reborn 370x

    nice win
  11. OvE

    Huge win in queen of richies!

    nice win
  12. WOWEH, really nice hit on low bet, better than nothing imo i edit the topic so its the right X win
  13. OvE

    Decent Hit On Da'vinci :)

    woweh, congratz bro
  14. OvE

    support for JESUS

    This article is in swedish thou https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/707V83/korde-pa-manniskor--doms-for-mordforsok
  15. OvE

    3534x Chilli huge win

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD what a win, big congratz. take it easy with those bets bud
  16. OvE

    nice win on Donuts base game

    boomeh, nice hit
  17. OvE

    1500x reactoonz 17 x PINK !!

    woweh, nice hit, congratz
  18. OvE

    Unicorn magic 2400x

    holy moly, nice hit and win, congratz
  19. OvE

    1014x bonanzo win

    woweh, congratz
  20. OvE

    736x Ghost slider (120 FreeSpins)

    yeah, have to be happy of what u get congratz
  21. OvE

    hello youtube

    nice, 124 spins congratz
  22. OvE

    This was unexpected

    hehe nice juan
  23. OvE

    Full screen wild

  24. OvE

    1666x on Extra Chilli

    nice juan