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  1. NickDahms

    9959 x win on Lil Devil

    wuxy what you mean by no super bonus ? play the game and fck grind even more then me ! 😛
  2. NickDahms

    9959 x win on Lil Devil

    Thats so true Budamank !! I was so lucky ! It was actually the first time in my life i had freegames on this slot and straight 10000x haha Iám sorry armisoo , i guess you will get some of my money on other slots hehe I couldnt believe it as well, i meen i know how the freegames where working and then this happend with my first freespins haha, still its not really real even when i got the money already on my bankaccount but its like it never happen you know ? But thanks so much guys for the congratz and everything ❤️ Much Love
  3. NickDahms

    9959 x win on Lil Devil

    Thanks OvE ! Yes I guess its gonna be number one of my biggest wins for a while
  4. NickDahms

    9959 x win on Lil Devil

    Thanks guys !! My first big win ! and i think its gonna be the biggest one for a while .. it was unbelievable in the moment
  5. NickDahms

    9959 x win on Lil Devil

    20191009_LilDevil_9959x_60cent (mp4).mp4 Good Morning Fam, I recently just started to use Online Casino for gambling and made my first deposit of 350€ just 3 days ago. My first win was quit decent so i cashed out 700€ and doubled my money. Yesterday i decided to to another deposit of 250€ on Leovegas and after 130€ rip on lil devil I finally got the Free games. But watch yourself ! when the video doesnt work click here. I upload it on my cloud as well. I hope that everyone of you will be lucky too and will print even more then i did ! Much Love ❤️ Nick
  6. NickDahms

    Bonushunt Guessing Competition 08/10

    9741€ twitch: Nick_Dahms
  7. NickDahms

    Bonushunt Guessing Competition 02/10

    6952€ twitch: NickDahms
  8. NickDahms

    Guessing Competition 26/9

    8932€ twitch: NickDahms
  9. 16.247€ Twitch NickDahms
  10. NickDahms

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 05/09

    12367€ twitch: NickDahms
  11. 7136 € twitch : NickDahms
  12. NickDahms

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 16/08

    7486€ Nick_Dahms
  13. ist gonna be 5.736 € ! YouTube : Nick Dahms