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  1. Gen3tikZzHD

    Razor Shark is hot

    50€+50€ Deposit played up to 300€ down to 100€ then i dont cared i made 4 spins with 5€ bet got Bonus then this Happened
  2. Gen3tikZzHD

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competiton 9/4

    Guess: 17501 Twitch/Youtube: Gen3tikZzHD Twitch
  3. Gen3tikZzHD

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 28/3 II

    Guess: 6870 Twitch/Youtube: Gen3tikZzHD
  4. Gen3tikZzHD

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 21/12

    Guess: 14000 Twitch/Youtube: Gen3tikZzHD
  5. Gen3tikZzHD

    Book of Dead insane Wins

    hello guys i played yesterday Book of Dead only, with 100€+100€ deposit got round about 30 bonuses yesterday now i cashout 4k
  6. Its awsome i am shaking i dont know whats wrong with Slotty Vegas
  7. Gen3tikZzHD

    Vampires vs Wolves

    The Best feeling what u can get
  8. Gen3tikZzHD

    Book of Dead my 2 wins

  9. Gen3tikZzHD

    Book of Dead my 2 wins

    The first one was without Bonus 5 explorer with 1 € and the second was witht he Bonus and Full build A with 2€