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  1. It is very important to use Slot Machine games that are provably fair. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provably_fair This will help solve some of the issues.
  2. MintDice

    1000x Power Reels

    Nice stars. Enjoy the newly acquired wealth 😎
  3. MintDice

    Life is great

    Well done. Easy games as they say :)
  4. MintDice

    Bonus hunts

    Well, the thing about slot machines and the internet is that there are 1000s of options to pick from, so just do what makes you happy then and ignore the rest.
  5. MintDice

    Return to player explained

    Yep, it is critical to find places with high RTP and provably fair slot games. They benefit the players the most.
  6. MintDice

    800x Garga!

    Very sweet. Biggest I've ever done personally is around 500x. Enjoy the KRs.
  7. MintDice

    Buyer Beware

    This is why you should look to use casinos that use provably fair slot machine technology, proof of solvency and a good reputation. But thank you for warning the community nonetheless.
  8. MintDice

    Full screen doge!!

    I was expecting to see Doge, I'm disappointed. But still happy for your win nonetheless. Unless I'm missing the meme dog somewhere.
  9. Good luck to those that enter.
  10. MintDice

    Just to say hello!

    Good luck! Not that you'll need it
  11. MintDice

    Call me noob.... (2112x)

    Couch cushions as some refer to them :P
  12. MintDice

    Bonanza on 20€ freegames pay over 6000€

    Very nice, are they allowing you to cash out? I feel like many times in these spots they withhold or change terms unless you are an established regular.
  13. MintDice

    big win

    Not too bad. Lots of people are quite lucky on this forum ^^
  14. MintDice

    Ogge when tilted

    Lol. Well, I suppose losing/rage can get the best of us every now and again. At least it's good to have the power.
  15. MintDice

    big win

    Very nice score. Do well with your new riches.